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Yoooo, Just letting you know, we have made some upgrades. Here is one of them.

In the diagnosis section of the forum, you will now be able to fill out a form to give more info about the grow. The information will be displayed in a thread like this. It will make it easier to get the right info to the person reading it, and hopefully make diagnosing these plant problems easier, and more efficient.Β 

The info you need to fill in is made up of questions we usually ask when diagnosing a sick plant. You can see here how it looks when it is posted, but if you would like to see the form yourself, then just go to the diagnosis section and click the "Add Thread" Button. The form will open at the top of the text editor, so you can see what it looks like Smile

Don't post a thread unless you need to though lol, we don't need 30 new tester threads created πŸ˜‰Β 

Enjoy everyone..... oh, did you check out the grow diaries section too? πŸ˜‰ Try starting a thread there and see what happens lol.Β 

I hope you like the new addition everyone! If you can think of thing we can do to improve this further, then let me know!Β 


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