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New grow, same strain and medium

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Hi guys!

Just joined and am having a bit of an issue with a couple new girls. You can see both are in the same grow medium and only one is starting out funky. I am using GH three part series with CalMag and H-guard, and am using less nutrients (2.5 mg of each part) then recommended, 2.5 mg/gal is recommended and this unit uses over 1.5 gallons. I also only use distilled water. Any ideas what might be going on? They are both same strain, Purple Haze feminized. This isn't my first grow but I wouldn't call my self an experienced grower either. I have two other girls at the other end of the unit that aren't showing any issues either.

Any ideas of what might be going on would be appreciated.



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Really? No ideas?

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Welcome to Percy’s mate. Before we offer any advice some more information is needed. What media are the plants in? If it’s soil what kind is it, specifics really help. What is the ph of your input water/feed? What is the input EC of your feed/water? My first reaction is too much food but once you provide the other info we can offer better guidance. We usually recommend no more than 50% of what the manufacturer recommends, often 25% will do fine. Soil and hydro feed different so that’s why the info is important 


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Hi there, welcome to the forum. Smile
From what it looks like, you are using an aerogarden? I have started a plant in one and then put it in soil. If it is an aerogarden they sadly do not do well growing cannabis. The reservoir does not hold much water and it was not long before the root mass was preventing good circulation, even with an extra aquarium bubbler added. The 20 watt light mine had was fine for seedlings. I did not try to grow out or flower in it because I thought it would not be worth the effort for what it would yield if anything.

Please let us know what you are growing in and a full pulled back photo of the setup. The more experienced members here will then be able to guide you to happier plants and bigger yields no matter how you grow.



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