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Questions Nft hydro problem

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Hi can any 1 please help im growing on nft table and have been for years now. Problem im having is plants are drinking around 20l a day but the ec keeps rising I dropped the ec from 1.6 down to 1.2 after doing a 24 hour flush with just ph water at 5.8 and it still rising the plants are in 5th week off flower. The plants look really healthy. It my 1st time growing under  840 watt LED lights and have read the plant eat less under LED lights. I am using canna aqua a and b foods  my pH is at 5.8 but raising to 6.1 to 6.2 by the next day. Can any please help. As normally my plants are eating loads by now and normally around the 1.8 ec. My ec of my water before  out of the tap is 0.4. Can any 1 please help

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@mr-roots pH swinging from 5.8 - 6.2 isnt a bad thing mate, thats fine. How much is the EC rising by? A litte rise is also no concern, and it would usually rise after educing the EC too, so it will be good to give it a couple of days for it to settle and see how things go then. Its getting warmer now, so plants will be drinking more, this will have an effect on the ph and EC too. 

The plants look healthy so dont worry too much right now, just give them a few days to adjust to the new EC and see how they look then

Are you adding any PK at this point too? 

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@macky Hi mate thanks for getting back to me ec was at 1.2 and raised to 1.4 by the next day and yes I'm started the PK this week. I check my tanks on a daily basis.  I'm a bit lost at the moment as never grown with LED always with sodium lights and know growing with LED is completely different.


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