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Normal yellowing, or needs some N? 32 days Flowering

Percy Grower
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My current grow is 4 Gorilla Zkittles clones that were rooted around 08/30/2020.

Soil: mix of FoxFarms Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, and perlite.

Nutrients: FoxFarms Trio (grow big, big bloom, and tiger bloom)

Watering PH is always between 6.3 - 6.7. I water about 1 1/4 gallon every three days, every other watering is with nutrients and always get 10-20 percent runoff.

These plants are at 32 days flowering, but I am a little concerned with the yellowing I am seeing. Looking for some opinions on if this is normal yellowing or if they might need a little more nitrogen. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

This picture is shortly after the flip to 12/12.

Cam1.20210112 203000274


This is a photo from today.

Cam1.20210125 060000272
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It is happening at the top, so unlikely to be nitrogen mate, that usually starts on the lower leaves. This looks more like a PK issue. Most likely potassium deficiency. It can be washed out easily in the medium, so if you're getting a lot of run off from the soil, you could be washing it out when the plant needs it. 

Up the dose of potassium a little, or if you're getting a lot of run off, try and reduce how much you're getting Smile

Percy Grower
Points: 766
Posts: 13
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Joined: 10 months ago

Thanks for the advice Macky. I'll try upping the Tiger Bloom nutrients then since it's 2-8-4, and try to get less runoff next watering.


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