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Rdwc plant problems

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Lookin for some help figurin out whats up with my plant here

Room temp 76f


No bugs

Roots healthy and white

Lights 30" off top of plants and at 50%

Water temp 66-69f

420ppm nute solution

Ph is 6

IMG 0014


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Hi @gpanine welcome to Percys! Thanks for joining us. I know you say there is no sign of bugs, but that looks like it has some spider mite or thrip damage. Take a closer look at the plant, and check the under side of the leaves too. You might find something if you look closer. Let us know Smile

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@gpanine welcome to Percy's  !

I think @Macky is likely right. Those spider mites are insidious little buggers. By the time you realise what's going on they can make a right mess !

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Thanks guys!!  Spent 10 mins going over the 3 plants i have in my room and dont see any pests,  now i did have fungus gnat larvae in my rooting plugs before i moved them into their buckets

I had poured 3%peroxide through the plugs to zap them, i havent dug out the hydroton to look so i just poured more peroxide through the hydroton


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