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Sick plant. Please ...
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Sick plant. Please help?

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Hello, I’m Not sure what’s wrong with my plants before they were growing tall and healthy then they outgrew then tent they were in and now they are dying and wilting. Please help I’ve switched them to a bigger tent by the way. Please let me know if they can be saved? 

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@teese2468 They can definetly be saved Smile

Tell us more about the Grow Teese, soil coco? What light are you using? She looks over fed for one. we will figure it out and get you back on track Smile What medium is the plant in? Soil/ coco? What nutrients do you use and how much per litre?

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@macky thanks for your response the soil is Miracle grow Organic potting soil. What’s coco? and I don’t remember exactly how much perlite maybe 1 cup. It’s grown indoors the light is Vipaspectra. 


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