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Questions Stress?

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So even at the start of flower something didn't look right with this girl, now 6 weeks in I just pulled this seed from her, more are showing throughout the whole plant, 

There is no signs of nanners or any male flowers, could this been caused through stress, I did split her steam in veg when training (3week before flip)

IMG 20211019 065810

Is there any chance of this chucking nanners out as I don't want it to effect my other girl, if I did let it go would the seeds even be any use, any info would be much appreciated 👊🏼

IMG 20211104 153848 967
IMG 20211104 153849 013
IMG 20211104 153849 076


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If you have seeds then there was/is pollen somewhere. It’s not uncommon for some genetics to throw out the odd pollen sac in early flower and stress can be a common trigger. I’ve caught them a few times and missed one once. You really have to watch closely for these early ones because they are easy to miss. Generally those plants weren’t likely to throw out bananas after the early sac was removed but that’s just my experience. As for using the seeds, they would probably be OK but might also have a tendency to throw out early pollen sacks too. Be ever vigilant if you run those.

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@monkeydo nice one mate cheers 👊🏼


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