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Sick Plant Unknown deficiency problem

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Hey guys.  So I've flipped my dutch passion passion fruits into flower 10 days ago.  Just before the flip 2 of the 8  phenotypes had a few brown spots on several leaves.  Leaves remained mostly dark green but these small and numerous brown spots appeared.  I looked up what it might be and thought maybe calcium based on what I read so gave them a dose of lime putty in their water which was then ph balanced.  Have no cal mag so improvised.  

Didn't notice any further browning but today maybe two weeks later I spotted some more on those phenos and  a few of the older effected leaves had gone yellow and shrivelled.  Its not effecting much of the plant but want to get it sorted as I'm just about to bloom.

Growing in plant supreme soil charged with ecothrive charge organic frass which supposedly delivers all the nutes needed  so kind of a supersoil set up.  kind of.  also fortnightly feeding ecothrive compost tea.

watering  with plain spring water around ph 6.4.  I haven't been watering enough to get any real run off out of the pots.  using fabric pots.  600w hps.  

2 phenos effected and maybe a touch on a few others and one pheno that looks amazingly healthy is showing no signs of distress at all.

thanks in advance for any advice.



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Looks liek she could do with some more pottasium mi think mate. Are you giving any food at all? Other than the frass? Some molasses might be good for her

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Thanks Macky.  No have just been feeding the frass.  I do have some organic bottled feed that came with my grow kit.  old bloom and old grow.  Maybe if I give them a feed with some of the bloom one? there should be some potassium in there.  I will get some molasses as I've heard that a good one to feed the microbes.

what periods of plants life cycle would you feed molases.  Thanks for your help.  


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