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What does she need?

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Hi there.
I have 4 plants growing in the tent. 2 OG Kush and 2 Blueberry Kush. Both are auto-fem. Grown from seed starting June 15th, in soil. (promix HP) pH is 6.5 and holding. They have been enjoying a nice stretch for the last couple of weeks. They are growing great and seem healthy and happy..... except some of the lower/mid-tier leaves are going yellow. The veins still appear green on the yellow leaves and the leaf stem (not plant stem) has a lot of red/purple. Would that be magnesium deficiency? Should I give her cal-mag even though mine is 2-0-0 and she should not need nitrogen while flowering? Or an epsom salt solution sprayed on the leaves? Or is the issue something else? Yes, those leaves do get some light although not full light.

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@basssman7 yeah i would give them some cal mag  i find mine need extra calmag  around weeks 3 and 4 of flower


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I have the calmag at 2.5 ml per gallon. How do I add Cal mag to an existing solution? Severe delusion?


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