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Suggestions Hack to add humidity in low Rh environments

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If like me you live in a semi arid environment that requires a humidifier for your drying-curing process a handy way to add anywhere from 8-12% Rh to the dry process is to use an 80ltr tote as a degassing res with your airstones in it below the hanging plants. Be sure there's airflow between the res and plants but be careful not to blow directly on the plants. This is very important as we all know that's a quick way to wreck a cure.

My grow area is peppered in hygro meters to the point you can't walk 4ft without a slightly different temp and Rh reading. And my area above the plants is constantly those percentages higher than the furtherest Meyer from the grow area.

I'm glad I discovered this. Now I don't need the humidifier. Reducing carbon footprint and saving on my power bill👌

"There I go.
E-type flow."

Topic starter Posted : May 9, 2022 6:50 am
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