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Questions What's your drying system?

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Hi everyone. 

I've just recently chopped about 4 days ago, I was checking them today and thought I would be interesting to see how people are drying there harvest.

My personal preference is to chop and leave pretty much everything on whole but half the plant down the middle, then hang.

I have a tiny dehumidifier and a tower fan sweeping the tent under the plants.

I'm interested to see what people do, especially any gadgets like the herbsnow dryer and the wedryer in particular because I'm thinking of changing methods because of the space my tent takes and with children in the house I'd like to hide it as much as possible. 



Topic starter Posted : December 30, 2021 5:27 pm
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I usually remove all the bigger leaves, cut each branch off and hang them on washing lines (shoe laces) across the top of the tent, and hopefully a row underneath too depending on the 

I have an oil heater in the tent and a small tower fan rotating on low, it's sitting at 18c RH 55%

I dont have any extraction or any fancy shit for my tent, it's just a tent 😆  But this last grow I left all the leaves on because I didn't want it drying too quick, I just chopped her in chunks and hung the whole plant the same way.

A tent, string, a heater and a fan is all im using right now 🙂 

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Posted : December 30, 2021 6:35 pm
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Old 60l tote with strings and a computer fan blowing again a wall and a hole with ductibg into an old carbon filter

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Posted : December 30, 2021 10:58 pm
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I use my 5x5 tent for drying. It's also a veg tent so I already have AcInfinity fan in there. I use fans for air flow and a dehumidifier/humidifier depending on season. I also cut my plants down whole with big fan leaves taken off normally. I will admit that the drying curing phase still is the hardest part for me.

Sorry i know this doesn't help you as you were looking for a machine type dryer.


Posted : December 30, 2021 11:22 pm
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For me I will use a spare tent if it will fit hung whole plant with the fan leaves removed. In the tent I have a GDP auto hanging with temps around around 62F and 55% as my preference. Takes around 10days. I add my humidity by a tray of some water and a small 4" fan angled towards it , with most air hitting the tent floor and then up giving a gentle air flow. Summer I need to use AC. Winter it is steady around 62F where I dry. The room has a 4" Carbon filter scrubbing it. If the harvest is too large for a spare tent I hang them on laundry racks in the same room and add a larger fan for air flow.

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Posted : December 30, 2021 11:42 pm
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