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How to Use Already Vaped Cannabis in Edibles

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Dry-herb vaporizers are an incredibly popular way to consume cannabis; The resulting bi-product of vaping dried cannabis flower is brown, dry, and brittle, but, can make for very potent cannabis infusions or even cannabis edibles that don’t require any infusion what so ever. 

After vaporizing dried cannabis, a consumer is left with brown, often brittle, cannabis flower material. Before throwing this material away, take a minute to reflect on the process of decarboxylation

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"Factors such as plant height and leaflet width do not distinguish one cannabis plant from another… the only reasonable solution is to characterize them by their biochemical/pharmacological characteristics" (Russo: 2019)

Topic starter Posted : February 27, 2020 8:34 pm
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Great topic as I am finding myself with some reasonable quantities of this lately. I used to sprinkle it on buttered toast and eat it. It has sort of a popcorn nutty taste depending on how hot you vape it. Lately I use it to make a late night cup of tea. A bit of butter kicks it up some and I sleep like a baby. Interested in hearing other ideas. The  issue of figuring out a dose can be tricky, it depends a lot on how long you vaped that bowl as to how potent it is.

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Posted : February 27, 2020 9:24 pm
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