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Hi guys. Just joined. Listening to the current episode and I feel compelled to correct some misinformation on Autopots or wicking systems in general.

It was said not to use Coco in Autopots because the salts get trapped... this is right and totally wrong at the same time.

Wicking systems uptake nutrients and water from the bottom. I use salt based nutrients and you can see the salt build up on the pot over the course of the grow. But the salts build up in the top layers and not so much in the lower layers where the roots are. If you continue to bottom water, this has no effect on your plant health. You can see the salt build up here on my pot, and I've found no harm to my plants.

IMG 7412

BUT... if you bottom water for a while and then top water, you release all those salts back down to the roots... possibly killing the plant. Don't top water once started.

The choice of medium is a different one. I grow coco. I know dozens of autopot growers and the most popular choice is coco or Coco and perlite. But I've grown in soil as well in these pots. The salt build up issue is the same, no matter the medium. Coco works fantastic. Coco with perlite - even better IMO.

I've grown maybe 10-12 cycles now with autopots. Have 10 going now, and they are great. Take away the concern about watering and allow me to focus on my plants. Even went on vacation for 14 days leaving them on their own in flower.

IMG 8514
IMG 8510
IMG 7879


Love the show, just want to correct this



Posted : January 19, 2021 5:44 pm
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Very detailed info - thank you a lot - may change to AutoPot as well

Plants are like children - always surprising you.

Posted : January 19, 2021 6:06 pm
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