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Suggestions Looking for Wi-Fi equipment

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Hey all -

I’m looking for Wi-Fi / smart devices so i can monitor my grow while I’m not home or out of town. It looks like amazon has a new air monitor that works with their devices, I know there’s others out there also. I’d love to control everything from plugs also. Just got some smart plugs that I need to finish booking up.


Also, different but related, I’ve got some extension cords going from different plugs, being sure to not overload anything. Planning on switching to a strip later today as I’ve been needing to install more fans. Wondering if anyone has any safety tips on this also.


Thanks in advance for any help 🤘

Posted : May 8, 2022 7:28 pm
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@drippyboi hey mate so I use the wifi plugs for my lights and the feed rez pump and exhaust fans, I use the TP-Link KP115 plugs, they can be controlled through the smartphone app and you can set timers and keep an eye on power usage through the plug.from memory they cost me $50aud for a 2 pack and haven't let me down yet. 

As for the powerboards etc just make sure the one you get can hold the load you will be putting in, so for example if your going to plug 2000w of lights into it then make sure it can take 2500w to account for spikes etc. Personally I run each light off an independent wall socket with a single extension lead to give me the distance from wall to plug and I will run exhaust and fans on a powerboard. Main reason I do this is in case I have a fan fail and trip the safety switch It won't effect the lights. 

I also have wifi inkbird sensors for tracking the temp and humidity in the tent, these were a little bit more expensive but will also hook to a phone app and can be set to send alerts if the tents creep beyond a certain user set value. This means that I can control my lights, feed pump and fans remotely based on the information I'm receiving from the sensors, I can even fill a rez and be hundreds of kilometres away and still control the tent if I need too. 

Plenty of options out there some more expensive than others, if you are a little tech savvy you can use pretty well any wifi plug and make it work for your setup. 

Any questions just ask Smile

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Posted : May 9, 2022 1:11 am
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