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[Sticky] Equipment for Growing Weed Indoors

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The first thing you will be doing when you start thinking about growing, is looking for equipment for growing weed indoors. Regardless of what style of growing you choose, there will be certain pieces of equipment that come as standard for any grow room.

In this guide we will take you through each piece of equipment you need for growing weed indoors. From grow lighting, the carbon filters. We will explain every aspect of your indoor grow setup. You can buy indoor grow kits as one package, and make the whole job easier. But you have to make sure that every piece of equipment in the kit is good quality.

Buy cheap buy twice. Try to buy the best quality equipment you can. If this is your first grow, then that might be difficult. But as you save money, from not buying cannabis, you can upgrade your grow room. Everyone starts off somewhere.

Grow Tents for Growing Weed

You can build your own grow room, but using a grow tent makes indoor growing so much easier. They have reflective walls, with air vents, and sockets for intake ducting and power cables.

A grow tent can be assembled, or put away within 10 minutes. This makes it ideal for growing weed at home, as you do not need to convert a whole room to grow a couple of plants. Just put up a grow tent, and when the grow is over, you can pack it away.

What size grow tent you need will depend on how much cannabis you need to grow. The most common grow tent used by cannabis growers is the 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent. A Grow tent this size can yield around 16 ounces of dry cannabis. With a usual grow, from germination to dry buds, lasting about 16 week, this is usually enough to keep most growers smoking their own cannabis, until the next harvest.

60cm Grow Tents

Growing weed in a 60cm grow tent is relatively easy and cheap to do. A grow tent of this size will yield between 4 and 6 ounces per harvest.

Good for 2 small plants or one medium sized one. A 60cm grow tent can sit in the corner of a spare room and barley be noticed.

Lighting doesn't have to be too intense either. You can use 250w HID lighting, or an LED light equivalent to it. You will also only need a small 4 inch extractor for a grow tent this size.

Though they are great because they are small, this is also their downfall for most growers. Most growers need more cannabis than a 60cm grow tent can yield. The best option for a percy grower would be a 1m x 1m Grow Tent.

Best Tent for Growing Weed for Personal Use

The most common grow tent used by percy growers is a 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent. These can be found all over the internet at varying prices.

There are certain things to look out for when buying a grow tent, first off, where are the intake and outtake vents. Does it fit with where you want to put the tent.

You should also consider where the tent will draw fresh air from, and vent old air to. You need to vent old air away to control temperature and humidity in the grow room.

If you live in a cold environment, or plant grow in a garage or shed, then you should get a grow tent with good insulation.

A grow tent of this size will yield between 16 and 20 ounces of cannabis. Enough to last most cannabis users until the next grow is over.

Light for this tent is usually a 600w HID light like a high pressure sodium bulb. Many models of LED lights are available too, but for good quality ones, it will cost more for the initial investment.

Another important factor you need to look for when buying a grow tent is light leaks. If light leaks disturb the night cycle, your plants can hermie and reveg. High quality tents are less likely to have light leaks.

Lighting Equipment for Growing Weed Indoors

Grow lights are a huge topic. There is a massive range of light you can use to grow cannabis indoors, and there are even more brands you can buy from. It's not easy to choose what grow lights are going to be best. Budget can be a huge factor in your final decision.

You need to buy the best light possible, with the very minimum being CFL's. If you plan to grow in a 1m grow tent, then you should be using a 600w HID light for best results.

LED lights for growing weed can be amazing, but expensive. There is a fine balance to find between the initial set up cost, and the running costs. Though a good LED light will cost more than a standard HID lighting kit, they can be much more energy efficient. In the long run, you are likely to save money from using LED lights, just because of the saving in energy bills.

HID Lights for Growing Weed

One of the first pieces of equipment for growing weed indoors most growers own is a HID lighting kit. This will usually come with a ballast, and 2 bulbs, Metal Halide, and High Pressure Sodium.

A metal halide bulb will be blue in spectrum, whilst the HPS will be red. HPS lights are predominantly used in the flowering stage of a cannabis plants life cycle.

A HID lighting kit will come reasonably cheap, and they are great lights to grow under. HPS is said to still be the best of grow lights. Though some LED models on the market now can do better.

For a 60cm grow tent, you can use a 250w HID lighting kit. But for a 1m tent, 600w is prefered. For every square meter of growing space you have, 600w of HID lighting should be used.

The down side to HID lighting is that they are expensive to run. Especially compared to high end LED grow lights. You can save around 40% on energy bills with some led grow lights. So though HID might seem like the cheaper option upfront, in the long run LED might be better.

LED Light for Growing Weed

You can find LED Grow lights for very cheap, but this doesn't mean they are good lights for growing cannabis. The standard equation people tend to go by is, 1 watt of light output, per dollar/ pound. So for an LED light the equivalent of a 600W HID light, you will spend around $600.

LED grow lighting is expensive on the initial set up, but they will save money on energy bills in the long run. Be careful what LED lights you buy though, some are not as good as they make out.

Invisible Sun LED Grow Lights are highly recommended by Percys Grow Room. They seem expensive on the initial costs, but compared to lighting on their level, they are the most competitive on pricing. Growing weed with an Invisible Sun style light, can save up to 40% in energy costs. And offer a much better light, that your plants will love.

Don't buy cheap LED grow lights. If a top of the range LED isn't within your budget for for the standard HID lighting or CMH/LEC lighting for growing weed until you can afford the next level up.

Fans for Grow Tents

There are 2 different kinds of fans you will need in your grow tent. One type is a normal desktop fan, to move air around the inside of the grow room. The other is going to be an extraction fan.

What size fan you need in a grow room will depend on how big your grow room is. In the examples above, a 60cm grow tent will run fine with a 4 inch extractor. But a 1m tent will need a little more.

You can find out what size extractor you will need by reading our article on grow room extraction. But for most growers, using a 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent, a 5 inch extractor will be more than enough.

Extractor Fans For a Grow Tent

Using the right extractor fan for a grow tent will make it easier to control temperature and humidity.

Old air is drawn out of the grow room, via a carbon filter to remove the smell. It should then be vented outside, or away from the grow room.

Using one extractor in the grow room to draw air out is usually fine. But in some cases you can add another, smaller extractor to the intake vent to blow air in. This is known as active intake.

Extractor fans usually suck air out of the grow room, leaving the tent with "negative pressure". But some growers will use "positive pressure" where air is blown into the grow room instead.

Any desktop fan can work to move air around the grow room. But using a heated tower fans is recommended. This will give you the ability to add heat to the grow room, as well as a breeze.

A carbon filter should be added to your extraction to prevent smells leaking out of the grow room. Along with a good carbon filter, and negative pressure in the grow room, you will only smell your plants when you open the tent.

Best Carbon Filters for Growing Weed

Carbon filters are crucial to grower security. You must have a good filter, with the correct extraction. Otherwise you risk smell leaking out of the grow room.

A carbon filter works buy pulling air (using your extractor) through some charcoal. This scrubs organic matter from the air, and removes the smell.

However, in some humid conditions, and some extra stinky strains, smell can still get out, a carbon filter is a must have accessory in your grow room.

There are two main recommended brands for carbon filters. Rhino, and Mountain Air. Because a carbon filter is so important to security, you can not buy cheap here. Buying cheap will not do the job it is supposed to. Cannabis in flower will smell very strong, you need a good filter to make sure nobody smells it!

Filters should also be changed after a certain amount of time, as they will not cover the smell forever. If you start to notice smell leaks, it might be time to get a new one. Alternatively, change them once every couple of crops on a home grow, just to be sure.

Controlling the Environment of an Indoor Grow Room

Thats is the bulk of the needed equipment for growing weed indoors. With a good grow tent, some good grow lighting, and extraction, you have a place for your plants to live!. However, there are some smaller thing you will need, to make controlling the environment of an indoor grow room easier to control. Some of the equipment you need will differ depending on what medium you are growing in, but things like thermometers, timers and fans, are standard accessories in all grow rooms.

Timers for Controlling Grow Lights

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Unless you plan to grow autoflowering cannabis plants on 24 hours a day of light, you will need a timer. This will allow you to control how much light, and how much dark you plant will get. This is how you will control the life cycle.

Vegetating plants are usually kept under 18 hours of light a day. When they are big enough, you can flower them by changing the timer to 12 hours light, and 12 hours dark per day.

An irregular light cycle can cause a cannabis plant to hermaphrodite, or reveg. So having a good reliable timers is an important piece of kit.

Grow lights are also heavy duty pieces of equipment, that will draw a lot of power from the wall. Make sure the light timer you choose is heavy duty, and designed for grow lights.

Thermometers and Hygrometers

A hygrometer is a very important piece of equipment for growing weed indoors. This will tell you the temperature and humidity inside the grow room.

The prong, on the wire, can be placed on top of the canopy and give and actual reading of the temperature the plants are getting.

Can also tell you the hottest your grow room has been, and the coldest with a minimum/maximum function.

Temperature and humidity is an important factor in the growth of your marijuana plants. If it's too hot, or cold your plants stop growing. If it gets too humid, your plant may contract mould. Because of this, you need to be able to monitor the environment of the grow room to keep the levels optimal.

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A Few Final Bits of Equipment for Growing Weed Indoors

You will need to make sure you have enough ducting. This may or may not come with your extractor or grow kit. You will need enough ducting to go from your carbon filter to your extractor. Then from your extractor, to vent outside.

It will also be a good idea to have some extra ducting to help draw air in through the intake vents. But this can let in light leaks so be careful how you place your ducting.

Extension wires are always a good addition, they do come in useful. But be careful not to overload sockets. Plug your lights into the wall. Fans can go through and extension cable if needed, but do have too many appliances on one extension lead.

With all that, you have a grow room! Next, all you need to do is decide what medium your going to grow in, and what nutrients you want to feed your plants. Both articles can be found along with many more in our How to Grow Weed section.

If you have any questions or need any advice with equipment for growing weed indoors, then comment below, or ask for help in our cannabis growers forum. We will be more than happy to point you in the right direction, and get you started on your first grow.

Good luck, if you need any help, you know where to find us. Happy growing

Much love Percy Growers, Happy Growing!

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Epic article bro - I was thinking you could easily gear some content towards newer growers with more stuff like this 🙂


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