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Grow hack. Stealth window exhaust

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Right guys I've moved house and finally decided where I'm growing. Its been a long week, I've knocked a brick out my chimney only to find it's capped and not an option, so now I have a hole in the ceiling to fix and a hole in the chimney! 

Anyway I might not have been the first to think of this but I'm pretty proud of myself! Lol 

So what I've done is get a large peice of clear plastic persex and cut it to size so that it rests on the window sill and flat against the walls around the windows, I've left the windows slightly ajar. Then I have used the exhaust fitting from my AC as it is wide and slim and put on the end of my exhaust ducting. I then traced around the fitting on to the persex just above where it rests on the window sill. I used a tiny drill peice to drill holes along the trace markings and then snapped the peice out ( I done this as you cannot saw or cut round peices  from perpex as it will crack). Before I put everything in to place I put a picture frame just in front of where the exhaust would rest to hide it from the neighbors. I then used clear gorilla tape to tape everything into place making it air tight. 

Now when I look at the window from out side it looks perfectly normal. I'm sorry if I haven't done the best job of explaining. I've tried to take pictures but it's so Stealth that the pictures just look like a window. LoL  

Let me know if there's anything I didn't explain proper and Il try explain it a bit better.  


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Posted : December 21, 2020 2:01 pm
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@straight_coco sounds like you done a great job. im using a double window fan with the ducting taped to one fan  mini blinds above it  looks just like a fan running in the window

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Posted : December 21, 2020 3:44 pm
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