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[Closed] Bud of the Month, Oct 2020

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A resurrection of an old competition! Bud of the Month returns! 

Sometimes, you maybe not be able to enter the POTM comp! Maybe the plant is too big to squeeze into a picture, maybe your plant is in a scrog so taking a pic of one plant is not possible. 

Well, to over come those issues, we re-introduce Bud of the Month! In this competition, you take a picture of your biggest, most juicy bud, and compete for a pack of seed for your next grow! 

There are some rules of course, which we will get into. But pretty much this is the same as POTM, but just for buds Smile

How to Enter Bud of the Month

Take a picture of you bud, now, it has to be on the plant still, or freshly harvested, dry buds are not valid. You will also need a small sign in the picture containing the following information:

The name of the Strain
The Breeder 

(Do not add username, this will be added later)

Make the picture as nice as possible. Have a good background, and good lighting to really get that frost to glisten. 

Once you have a good pic of the bud, you need to send it to me ( Green Beard), where it will be entered. 

We want to make sure each entry is anonymous. This will make the competition more fun! When I have the picture I will reply to you confirming it is entered. 

Prizes for this Months BOTM

This BOTM comp is sponsored by Dutch Passion! They have supplied us with some seeds just for this comp! 

If we have more than 5 entries, there will be a prize of:

3 x Auto Orange Bud!
Percys Grow Room Stickers
Plastic Grinder 
Dutch Passion Strain Catalogue

And don't forget, you will also be awarded with the BOTM bling! 

How to Win BOTM

Entry for Bud of the Month close at midnight, on the last day of the month! When it is closed, a poll will be added to this thread, along with all valid entries. The members of the forum will vote in the poll for 14 days, and the entry with the most votes when the poll closes wins. 

If there is a draw, we will add another 7 days poll, to decide the winner from the drawing entries. 

BOTM Voting

All entries will be displayed anonymously, as entry A, entry B and so on. When the poll closes and the winner is announced, we will reveal the user name of the entry. 



"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
Robert Louis Stevenson

Topic starter Posted : September 28, 2020 8:02 pm
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Good Luck everyone, let the games begin! 

Join us live every Sunday for High on Home Grown!

Posted : October 1, 2020 10:54 am
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