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Pistils changing colour too early !!!

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Hi ! My fastberry auto is changing colour of the pistils its  7 weeks from seed , someone told me it's because of nitrogen toxicity ,true ???? ItsI'It's 26 l dwc ,H I'm using ph perfect line along with big bud , voodoo juice , calmag , bud candy , and bennies .

IMG 20200712 115623
IMG 20200712 114804
IMG 20200712 115627
IMG 20200712 114815
IMG 20200712 114821
IMG 20200712 115719
IMG 20200712 115746
IMG 20200712 114829
IMG 20200712 115556
IMG 20200712 115610
IMG 20200712 115614
IMG 20200712 115618

I'm a newbie so any help highly appreciated

Posted : July 12, 2020 2:57 pm
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I think with the thin blades at the top it is more likely to be a phosphorus excess mate, and with the food youre using too that would fit. You should be using big bud, or bud candy, not both. 

Also, what bennies are you using? Its not usually a good idea to use beneficial bacteria in hydro mediums. 

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Posted : July 12, 2020 3:07 pm
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@macky thin leaves at the top might look like that because of windburn , as a bennies I'm using fluval cycle which I've bought in pet shop it meant to stop ,"new tank syndrome"

Posted : July 12, 2020 3:13 pm

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