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Quarantined and brung indoors

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Alright people. Here's My Skunk special on the left and sunset sherbet on the right.

PXL 20220827 161436553
PXL 20220827 161551025
PXL 20220827 161600088
PXL 20220827 161529209


After a bug attack,a bad patch of weather and a powdery mildew scare, I decided to bring the girls in and get them in decent conditions. 

I have managed to stop the spread of P.M and the thrip and aphid damage is now under control.

They had to be stripped of unnecessary foliage and high stress trained to fit under the light. I gave them a good feed of bio bizz grow, a pinch of high potash bloom salts and a good handful of Worm castings.

They have bounced back and will be starting to form colas any day now.

At 7 years old My San Pedro wachuma cactus is doing well still too for anyone who is interested. I chopped the top off because they were too big and the knubs just shot out the side.

PXL 20220827 161529209~2


Cheers Percy's crew! it's good to be back. 


Posted : August 28, 2022 10:01 am
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PXL 20220901 125202648
PXL 20220901 124207749
PXL 20220901 124201638
PXL 20220901 124049827
PXL 20220901 124056167

Here's a wee update. Cola Bud's are most definitely forming on the skunk special.. I'm a little worried about the Sunset sherbet as it seems irregular.

I'm hoping this is just due to strain specifications/slower flowering  and not hermaphroditism.

I'll keep you guys posted and if I see anything other than what I'm used to I'll post the pics. 

Thrips are still a bit of a problem but I continue to persevere &  fk them up.

Any advice is appreciated 


Posted : September 1, 2022 7:52 pm
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