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Percys Grow Room is a cannabis growers forum, and of course, with that comes the need for anonymity. Never reveal who you are, or any personal information to anybody on the forum. These forum rules can be changed at any time by site Admin. Safety of our members is number one priority! These rules are here, to keep the grow room functioning well, and to keep you, our members, safe. Please abide to them, we hate to ban members, but we will if we have to with zero tolerance!

This site is for personal growers only! Anyone suspected of growing cannabis commercially or for financial gain will be banned immediately!

Instant Ban from the Forum

There are some forum rules that will have you banned immediately from the site! So please read them carefully, as if they are broken, we will ban you!

1: You will be immediately banned if you:

a: Exceed what we consider to be a “Percy Grow” (See Plant Numbers)
b: Try to sell/deal any drugs, anywhere on the forum, live chat, or private messages
c: Are under the age of 18
d: Ask for trade of cannabis or clones
e: Open multiple forum account
f: Spam the forum with promotional links of any kind
g: Post links to plugs, dispensaries or mail order cannabis sites
h: Threaten or harass any member of the forum (Don't be a Dick!) 
i: Post anything racist, abusive or anything aimed to be offensive*

f: Create an account with a company name or logo without admin consent

*If you are a racist or bigot in the first place, you are not welcome here! 

Forum Warnings and Infringements

We don't like to ban members, and sometimes you may get close to the line without realising it. In cases like these, we will issue you with a warning. The problem will then be rectified and if it happens again, you may be banned from the forum

2: You will receive a warning if you:

a: Abuse other forum members
b: Link any items or goods on the forum
c: Post offensive images or content
d: Use an email address or website as your username
e: Have a company logo as your avatar
f: Post any personal information about any member
g: Reveal contents of a private messaged between you and another member in the forum
h: Copy and paste content from elsewhere on the internet (No plagiarism)
j: Post links outside of the forum

Please be respectful of each other, abide to our forum rules and do not post links outside of the forum. 

Forum Members Etiquette and Behaviour Rules

To help us keep Percys Grow Room tidy, spam free and running smoothly, we ask our members to do a few things whilst they are here. It helps us keep everyone happy, and keeps the site well organised. 

3: Members Etiquette

a: Keep titles of threads short, descriptive and to the point
b: Do not demean or belittle new growers, or any one asking for help!
c: If you need help, then provide as much information about your questions as you can. The more we know, the easier it will be to help you.
d: Only create one thread per topic, and if possible use the search box to see if the question has already been asked and answered
e: If you have a question about your grow, and you also have a grow diary, please ask it in that thread
f: Keep signatures limited to 3 lines of text, and any images should be no more than 500 pixels wide, and 110 pixels high
g: If you believe a thread or post is in violation of the forum rules use the 'report post' button to inform the admin team of a problem
h: Do not ask questions about your grow, in somebody else's grow diary
i: Do not post any pictures in someone else's grow diary without permission from the topic starter
j: Try and stick to the subject in each thread and keep the replies applicable to the conversation
k: Enjoy yourself! Don't take things too seriously, we are here to enjoy ourselves, and share our love of cannabis. 

These rules can be updated at any time, so please refer back to them often to make sure you are up to date. There will be notices put up in the forum when changes are made. Our cannabis forum rules are here to protect our members and staff. They must be adhered to at all times. To sum them up, if you grow cannabis for personal use, are respectful to people, and you don't post links, you will be fine here.

All time stamps used by Percy's are in GMT

This site time stamps every post in GMT. When checking deadlines for comps or other events we will go by the time stamp on your post, not your local time. All deadlines are enforced equally for everyone so don't ask for an exception. If you act like a dick during a comp you may be disqualified or even banned from the forum. Be considerate of others, it's not always only about you.

Plant Numbers Rule Explained

We will ban all members who we suspect of growing cannabis for financial gain, with no exceptions. This forum is for personal growers only! To decide if someone is growing cannabis for personal use or not, a number of things are taken into account:

The Amount of Plants you are Growing

The amount of plants that can be considered personal use will differ from grower to grower. When we say “Percy Growers” we mean people who grow cannabis for personal use, and everyone uses a different amount. Each member no matter how many plants they grow, will be banned if we find out they are selling cannabis. That is not what we are here for. We prefer to see members with less than 10 plants. This is plenty for personal use for one person. Any more than this and you risk being banned unless you're growing for the following reasons

4: Plant Numbers Forum Rules

a: Medical Growers 
For people who grow cannabis for medicine, more plants may be needed to convert the buds into extracts and oils. If you grow cannabis for medical use, please let admin know to avoid being banned.
b: Sea of Green Growers

Some growers will grow many plants in a small space. Floor space will be taken into account here, and we expect to see no more than 16 small plants in a 1m2 of space.
c: Taking Clones

If you are taking clones from cannabis plants, we allow 4 cuttings for each plant you want to end up with. For example, if you want 4 to grow 4 plants, 16 cuttings can be taken.  
d: Licensed Growers

Cannabis growing is legal in many places around the world. Some places allow medical patients to grow many plants. If you are a licensed grower, and you are permitted to grow more than 10 plants, make sure admin is made aware of it. 
e: Breeding
If you make seeds, or pheno hunt with clones, we will allow more plants. Searching for good strains will require you to have more plants to work with. So if you're breeding cannabis, please let the admin team know. 

Frequently Asked Questions about our Forum Rules

Can I dispute my case if I am banned?

Yes, most cases of banning can be appealed. But anyone banned for racism, bigotry, or selling cannabis can not appeal. 

Is my account deleted if I am Banned?

No, accounts are not deleted from Percys Grow Room. All of your personal information can be removed from your account, but posts user name and like values will not be deleted.

If I break forum rules, what will happen?

If you break any rule in section 1, you will be banned immediately. If you break rules from section 2, you will be messaged by the admin to make you aware of the problem. The content will be rectified and we move on. If it happens again your account will suffer with restrictions. 

Percys Grow Room Disclaimer

All visitors of this site must be 18 years of age or older. The Information found on Percys Grow Room is for: Historical reference, Scientific reference and Educational purposes only. It is not our intention to encourage, promote or incite illegal activity. Our visitors are advised against breaking the law. If it is illegal to smoke, grow, or possess cannabis in your country of residence, you break those laws at your own risk. Percys Grow Room does not promote or condone the breach of any domestic or foreign laws. Cannabis cultivation should only be practised by those in possession of the proper licenses, or those who are able to do so legally. If you do decide to break any laws, you do so at your own risk.

Much love Percy Growers, Happy Growing!

Posted : May 4, 2019 11:59 pm
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Our forum is free to join. We are an international cannabis forum that helps people all over the world grow their own personal supply of cannabis. Through our site you will find cannabis breeding forumscannabis deficiency forumsindoor cannabis growing forums, and much more. 

We are a home growers cannabis forum, and we only allow people who grow cannabis for personal use to be members. Our mission is to help you grow your own cannabis. We do not buy/sell/trade cannabis, or equipment for growing cannabis. Our site is strictly a cannabis smokers forum, cannabis growers forum and forum for medical cannabis users.

Use our guides on how to grow cannabis, cannabis grow diaries, and growers forum to find all the info you need to learn how to grow your own cannabis.

Any member who is suspected of growing cannabis for commercial gains will be banned immediately.

Please read our forum rules, and enjoy the site.

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