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[Sticky] Care Package from The Vault!!

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Today we received a care package from The Vault, and you have to see what they have sent to us!

We have cannabis seeds from many different breeders such as, Barneys Farm, Heavyweight Seeds, Sweet Seeds, Dinafem, Humboldt and loads more!

Stickers, loads of stickers! Papers, grinders, keyrings, even some Barneys Farm Microscopes!!!

This will last us for a while, and we can offer cannabis seeds and much more as prizes in our cannabis growers forum competitions that are to come in the next couple of months!

This really is awesome, and I would like to thank George, and The Vault for coming along and supporting the site the way they have!

I just want to add, being sent thing like this in the post can always be concerning incase they go to neighbours. The packing was very discreet, with no sign of what was inside at all, we all appreciate that kind of thing from a seedbank!

Care Package From The Vault

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In this care package we have some amazing strains of cannabis seeds:

Barneys Farm, Peyote Critical
Heavyweight Seeds, Money Bush
Dinafems, White Widow, XXL Auto
Humboldts, OG Kush
Dinafem, Gorilla
Positronics, One Love Haze
Sweet Seeds, Gorilla Girl

We have Stickers from Seed Banks like:

Barneys Farm
Sweet Seeds

And more! So there will be stickers and cannabis seeds that will come with every prize for the foreseeable future, Great decorations for your grow room!

There is still more!

Keyrings from the Green House Seeds
Grinders from Barneys Farm, World of Seeds, Female Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds!
Rolling papers from Sweet Seeds, Dinafem and RQS!
and Posters too!

But even with all this, there is still more!!

We have Barneys Farm Microscopes so you can check to see if your plant is ready for harvest!

We have a Vault T Shirt! And a 420 Fast Buds Cap!!!
As Well as a G13 Car air freshener, and some Heavyweight Seeds Boxing Gloves to hang from your rearview mirror!

Thank You to The Vault

George from The Vault has joined our forum and just shown us so much support it is incredible!

Not only has he sent out this care package for the Percy Growers, but he is running his own introduction competition, where he is giving away 50 cannabis seeds!!

You can enter that HERE!

And still, even with all of this, he has even given us 10% off Cannabis seeds and anything else from The Vault, just for being a member of our Cannabis Growers Forum!

If you are not a member already, then come and join our cannabis growers forum. We have a lot to offer! We have cannabis grow guides, diaries, awesome competitions, discount codes, and a great community of cannabis growers of all levels of experience!

Percys Grow Room Cannabis Growers Forum Sign Up Button

If you love cannabis, then you will love our community, it's all we talk about!

Much love Percy Growers, Happy Growing!

Topic starter Posted : September 26, 2019 12:52 pm
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