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[Sticky] Invisible Sun LED Grow Lights, Our Newest Sponsor!  

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One the most expensive factors about growing cannabis indoors, is the energy costs of lighting. Growers using HID lights such as metal halides or HPS, know how expensive growing can be. Invisible Sun LED grow lights can reduce your energy bills by as much as 40%, and still compete with the yield and quality of HID lighting.

I have been a big fan of Invisible Sun for a while, you can just tell by the look of a plant that it is grown under Invisible Sun. They are leading the way in grow light technology, and it is a massive pleasure to welcome them to our community as a site sponsor!

What do Invisible Sun do?

Invisible Sun are the leading manufacturer of LED grow lighting in the UK. Their lights are made out of a series of the latest Samsung Diodes, and are the future of horticultural grow lighting.

These diodes give off light of different colours and spectrums, and together make a blend of light that is perfect for growing indoors. This type of lighting will give you a huge amount of Lumens per watt, and can produce as much as HID lighting, with up to 40% reduction on the energy costs.

Not only do Invisible Sun LED grow lights reduce the amount you spend on electricity, they also help reduce your carbon footprint.

In a time when everyone is looking for a way to reduce their impact on the environment, many growers are moving from HID to LED lighting. And with lights like Invisible Sun, it is getting easier to make that change without a loss in yield.

Best LED Light for a 60cm Grow Tent

Growing in small spaces can be difficult simply because of the amount of heat a light can give out. Using LED's from Invisible Sun, that problem is massively reduced.

If you're growing in a 60cm x 60cm grow tent, the ISH 150 Pro, is a perfect model for you.

With a reduction in energy costs of up to 40%, this light will pay for itself in a few grows, in energy savings alone.

Invisible Sun LED Grow Lights

With full spectrum white diffused light, the ISH 150 has better light penetration, runs cooler, and will give you a bigger gram per watt than standard HID lighting.

If you are running a bigger grow space, you can use multiple Invisible Sun lights together, or buy a bigger model that suits your space better.

Invisible Sun LED Grow Lights for 3ft x 3ft grow tent

The ISH 265 Pro, is a perfect all round light for the Percy Grower. It is wider and longer than the ISH 150, and is perfect for a grow space that is 3ft x 3ft.

Invisible Sun LED Grow Lights

Energy costs are a huge factor in the overall cost of your grow. By buying Invisible Sun LED Lights, you may pay more upfront than HID lighting, but you will save money in energy costs, and produce a higher quality, higher gram per watt yield.

You can get 10% off any light at Invisible Sun, by using our discount code


Best LED Light for 1m Grow Tents

Most growers tend to grow in a 1m x 1m grow tent. Usually this space will be covered by a 600W HID light. Over a whole grow cycle, this can end up to be expensive, especially if you're growing autos.

With this ISH 480, you can run your lights for longer, for much less than the price of running a 600W HPS. This is ideal for auto growers. You can now leave your lights on for 24 hours a days, and not have to worry about energy costs so much.

Invisible Sun LED Grow Lights

A lot of research and technology goes into making the Invisible Sun lights, and the equipment is high tech. The lights are made specifically for indoor growing, and it is the most efficient way to grow cannabis indoors.

This light will not only replace a 600W HID light in a 1m tent, but it will produce more lumens than an 800W HPS!

LED light for 1.2m Grow Tents

If you grow in a 1.2m grow tent, Invisible Sun have the ISH 600, which will replace a 1000W HID light!

The ISH 600 is a very powerful grow light, but it uses 40% less power than standard HID lighting. This is a huge saving on energy bills, and a massive reduction in your carbon footprint.

Because the ISH 600 has such a wide spread, it is an excellent light to use for those who grow cannabis in a "scrog". There is a much wider and even spread of light, and a much better penetration of the canopy then HID lighting.

Invisible Sun LED Grow Lights

Top quality lighting that will produce top quality cannabis! We have members in our cannabis growers forum who use Invisible Sun LED grow lights, and everyone who uses them has always expressed good results.

Keep an eye out for our grow diaries coming soon where you can see what these lights are capable of.

More From Invisible Sun

If you have any questions you would like to ask the Invisible Sun team, then you can ask a question in our cannabis growers forum section, or contact them directly on their website.

If you have a more specific lighting setup in mind, Invisible Sun can make something more specific for you, and help you choose what LED light is best for you.

Invisible Sun LED grow lights, are the future of grow lighting. It is a massive pleasure to have them as a sponsor of Percys Grow Room. Keep a look out for some competitions coming soon, where you can win your own light from Invisible Sun, and also you can see our grow diaries take you from seed to harvest, using LED lights from Invisible Sun.

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