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Stoner Discussions

Stoner discussion can go deep, philosophical, and sometimes just plain funny. We can all agree we have had some of our best conversations whilst high. In this section of the forum, we have our stoner discussions. From, "are we living in a simulation?", to, "can dogs look up". Get high, and start a stoner discussion. Keep it friendly, and try and avoid religion and politics.

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Best Stoner Memes



Learn how to make your own cannabis edibles in this section of the forum. Find guides and recipes for making cannabis edibles, and also follow our users Edibles Diaries step by step.

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How to Make Cannabis...


Cannabis Extracts

Cannabis extracts are becoming very popular. There are many different types of cannabis extracts, each have different processes of extraction, to bring a different type of extract. Learn what different cannabis plant extracts look like, how they are made, and how they are used, in this section of the forum.

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How to make Cannabut...


Medical Section

This is the medical section of the forum. It is used to help people who want to grow cannabis for medical use, or people who want to learn how to make cannabis extracts for medicines. If you need help with your medical grow, growing cannabis for medicines, or need advice on starting a medical cannabis grow, then ask for help in here. Also, if you are a medical grower, and you can offer advice to fellow cannabis users, feel free to post in here too.

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How to Make Rick Sim...


Plant Pictures

Want to show off some photography skills with some cannabis plant pictures? Want to see pictures of beautiful cannabis plant that have been grown by Percy growers? Have a look in this section of the forum. Show off your crop, show us your fattest colas, or freakiest cannabis plant. Upload your cannabis plant pictures here

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Coco vs DWC



For reviews on strains, equipment, and growing related companies, see this section of the forum. You can leave your own reviews on your favourite equipment, or find a review on something you plan to buy soon. You can also post asking for recommendations for a piece of equipment you need, or which strain to grow. Need help choosing which grow tent brand to go with, or what carbon filter is best? Then ask in for help in here.

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According to Cannass...


General Discussions

Talk about anything growing or cannabis related, and also go off topic. Start any thread in this section of the forum. If you are unsure of where to post a thread, post it here, it can always be moved later.
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Anyone use HiBrix?

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