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Bottom Watering

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Does anyone at Percy’s bottom water their plants? I use TG’s living soil recipe and cloth pots. An old hippy told me it was the best way. The top part of the soil is supposed to take in the majority of the oxygen needed by the roots. Keeping the top dry is supposed to help stop pests as well. I don’t use an EC meter as there is no runoff. I just PH the water I feed them. I water every other day generally. I’ll water each plant about 800ml each and then add a bit more if the plant has sucked it all up. Amounts vary depending on the stage of the plant. Also use the plants’ weight to determine amount of water to add. If the plant feels heavy, I’ll still water, but with a smaller amount of water. Any thoughts about this method would be greatly appreciated.


Posted : November 14, 2021 3:04 pm
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