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Questions Just starting a coco grow and have a watering question

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Sunday I watered the coco till runoff (pH 5.9 1/4 strength CannaA&B), 3 gal faberic pots, and put the seeds in Sunday night after soaking them for 24 hrs. All have sprouted as of today and it’s looking like the coco is starting to dry out.  

Do I water tonight with just properly pHed water or go again with 1/4 strength A&B. 

Also, do I water till runoff again or just a little since the seedlings have only been above the surface for 24 hrs


Posted : December 15, 2021 5:58 pm
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One of the best things about coco is as long as you have drainage, it is very very hard to overwater.  You definitely  want to keep it moist always.   

I water my seedlings daily but only a little.  Just enough to wet the soil around the plant and get it down to their tiny little roots. 

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Posted : December 15, 2021 6:05 pm
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Just keep it wet the first few days up to about a week you wont even need nutrients at this stage in all honesty or run out the water just keep the bits around the seedling wet and you'll be good 👍

Posted : December 15, 2021 7:07 pm
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I've just started coco too and so far I ve learnt you can leave small plants for a day or 2 without watering, but if you do I'd recommend getting a nice amount of run off. 

I've also learnt that run off ec isn't God and you can go without checking for a while as long as you are sensible with your nutrients, less is more and only increase by a small amounts(100-200EC) each watering or you'll see some burn on your tips.

Always have 20%ish run off

Ph is a must, 5.8 for small plants and it seems 6ish is better for flower.

Any problems, flush with water at preferable EC level.

Don't hold me to any of that though, like I said I've only just started using coco too.

Happy growing 👊


Posted : December 15, 2021 8:44 pm
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You never want to water the coco without at least calmag in it, coco will leech nutrients from the feed to fill the cation exchange sites, if it can't get that from the feed it will try pulling it from the plant and you will run into a whole host of problems. For me I usually plant straight into buffered coco and will water a few drops at the stem of the seedling and then move about an inch out and wet the entire coco down. This will help promote the roots to grow and search for feed, whilst it is much harder to over water in coco it can still happen when they are really young. I start at a very light feed from the day they pop their little heads up, I run a 1/8 dose for the first week at least and then slowly start to increase the dose as the plants progress. If you let coco dry out it increases your risk of salt build up causing a lockout so keeping it wet at all times is key. Usually at a very young age my 5 gal pots only require the one feed per day, and I will usually do this just as the lights come on, as I get into week 2-3 and the plants start using more of the feed in the medium I will increase the feed to 2 times a day and monitor the medium, if it looks like it's drying out too quick I will increase the frequency of the feeds. Smaller fabric pots are the hardest to keep moist, with the fans and the heat and the plants all sucking moisture from that medium you may find that they require 3-4 feeds a day. The quick dry out of smaller pots is why I choose to run the bigger pots for most of my runs, coco should be looked at from a hydro perspective with some of the benefits of soil, if you think you are giving them too much feed, you can supplement a feed with just water and calmag, however never ever just plain water unless you are doing a final flush before harvest or are trying to fix a lockout. Hope that helps Smile

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Posted : December 16, 2021 7:52 am
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