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Legal Cannabis in Canada

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I got my medical cannabis licence to consume in 2013, I had to buy only from government approved supply. I found when I ordered 14 gm I got 13 gm. I called complained and it happened 2 more times. I then got a licence to grow 10 plants. I had to be drugged tested every year (for opioids) to maintain my licence. Then in 2016 the government allowed cannabis to be sold for recreation. Now anybody could grow up to 4 plants per household and most are.

Since 2016 there are hundreds of dispensaries in and around our city. They sell stuff to smoke on a paper, in a pipe in a vape, stuff to eat, high cbd low cbd, high thc low thc, they sell it to rub on your body, they sell to calm your dogs. I am 68 and have smoke weed since I was 15. Everyone was against it, teachers, parents, bosses and so on, now all these people are lining up for it. The price of an oz was going up crazy pre 2013, $250 up for an oz. Now they sell good stuff for $100 an oz. It is cheaper to buy then grow, almost.

In my world cannabis falls behind coffee as a drug. I don't drink much alcohol because it is far worse on me then a joint or two.  Too much alcohol makes me sick and hung over, never with weed.

So if your country is heading to legalize medical, recreation is around the corner.

Posted : June 23, 2024 2:06 pm
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In Australia you just need to see a doctor (not all doctors prescribe). The first time cost me $210 to see the doctor. I was prescribed 0.3 grams a day of cannabis flower. This meant that I got 6 prescriptions of 10 grams to be used then I have to see the doctor again. Second time cost $150 although this time I had more prescriptions to use. So 10 grams of flower will cost $120-$150 depending on strain. 
Before becoming legal shit street weed would cost $250 an ounce, nice homegrown if you knew someone that grew costs $350-$450. I only ever paid $450 when I lived in the Northern Territory top of Australia. But the weed came from South Australia bottom of Australia. A lot of the time it was backpackers flying into Perth loading up in the south and driving north. Sell up and covers some of the holiday. I was friends with some French guys and they had a French chat group that organised it and you knew when they would be in town. 
These days with it being medical legal the price of street weed is the same but the nice home grown has come down to be a bit cheaper to compete with medical. 
Overall I don’t think recreational use in Australia will happen anytime soon. I live in hope that home grow for medical patients will become legalised in the near future as two states already have it. 
With buying medical weed it’s starting to get easier. I don’t buy it that often but my mate was telling me that there is some chemists that fill prescription and you get all your prescription sent to your phone. 
I’ve been sharing some of my homegrown with him and he is now growing as he said he prefers my stuff over the medical. 
I dream of the days that on a Sunday you go to a farmers market and get your fruit and veg and cannabis.

happy growing!!

Posted : June 24, 2024 3:19 am
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Posted by: @cookiegrow

I dream of the days that on a Sunday you go to a farmers market and get your fruit and veg and cannabis.

happy growing!!

Well, they do call it the devil's lettuce. lol


Posted : June 24, 2024 1:59 pm
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