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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

New forum sections, start a discussion!  

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The admin team had a meeting to decide what sections we should have on the front end of the forum. There were many missing. 

I have now added all of the forums we thought were missing, and its time to get posting in them 😉 

Find a new forum, and start a conversation. We have them on music and TV, extraction, grow tents, loads! 

We need your help to add good quality threads to these new sections, so if you have time to add something, please do! We are a community, and it would be great to have posts from everyone. 

Lets get more conversations rolling everyone Smile Tell us about your grow tent? Your favourite band or tv show, or write a guide on cloning. Whatever you like Smile

Here are some links to the new sections

Grow Tents

Grow Rooms


Odour Control

Growing in Soil

Living Soil

Soil Amendments

Greenhouse Growing

Guerrilla Growing

Coco Coir




Worm Farms

Soil Recipes

Organic Nutrients


Cannabis oils





Cloning Cannabis

We have a whole new section called Stoners Forum, where we talk about paraphernalia n shit. TV shows, movies music, gamin sports, I think we have it all. 

Cannabis Paraphernalia

Bongs, Vapourers and all that

Stoner Entertainment

Tv shows, games, books, what do you like to do when you're high?

Cannabis News

Discuss news, politics, cannabis law, and research

That's just about all of them, plus the older ones too. Hopefully, this will make it easier to navigate the site, and find guides and discussions you need. 

If you think we are still missing a section or two, and I think we are, but we are over looking them. Let us know! 

This is your site as much as anyone else's, so your input is important. 

Now go!! Post!!! lol. Fill up some of these new rooms with some good info and use what you have learned here, to help others start there own grows Smile

I hope you're all enjoying the upgrades so far! 


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Posted : November 20, 2020 5:25 pm
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