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New Growers Hermie?

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Hi I'm a newbie. I have 3 plants. I got these seeds out of my bag. I've been trying to figure out if bagseeds are always hermies..? Tried to find the answers online but it seems it's not black and white. My plants are odd. I started them outside but brought them inside. They've been Inside for 4 weeks now and I have them on a 1000 watt light on bloom. 

My questions are, are all my seeds that I got out of my weed going to be hermies?

And is it worth it to keep growing them inside?

Also to make matters worse one of them has aphids on it and I'm having trouble completely getting rid of them. 


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Hi mate, welcome to Percy’s. If you grow seeds from Hermie plants you do risk the chance of those seeds producing Hermie plants BUT it isn’t always the case. There are a few very famous strains found in herm seed but far more duds too. Wether it’s worth keeping them inside is entirely up to you. The aphids are probably a byproduct of starting the grow outdoors. A few were probably on your plant and now there aren’t any predators so the aphids thrive. Mix up some mild dish soap solution and spray the entire plant including the bottom of the leaves. The soap softens the insect shell and also restricts their breathing. If you are in bloom don’t spray anything on your buds and we will have to come up with an alternate treatment.


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