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Authorities, crooks, bugs, deficiencies, energy bills, and hours of trimming, it can be easy to think sometimes, is growing weed worth it? It can be stressful sometimes, and when your plants are not doing so well, growing your own weed can become more of a chore then a pleasure.

Don't worry though,we all have bad grows, and days where it can feel too much. When you start your grow, it can be about 3 months until harvest time. This can be a big commitment, to some people. But there is no grower yet who I have heard say that growing is not worth it.

Growing your own cannabis can be tough, but is one of the most enjoyable hobbies you can do. Once you get your head around the basics, it can all become like clock work. You have to start learning somewhere. The best place to start, is to understand why you should grow your own cannabis. But you should also know at what cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Start Growing Weed

There is no easy answer to this question. You can buy quality cannabis seeds for less than the price of a gram of street weed. Plant that outdoors, and you will be able to grow a huge plant, for a very low price.

On the other hand, if you intended to grow weed indoors, it will cost more. Not only do you have to spend money on a good grow kit, but you also will have to worry about energy bills.

For the average indoors grow setup, you will need the following things:

You can buy full grow kits where you can get all of this in one package. But that will not come cheap. From grow kits from 2ft x 2ft, ( 60cm x 60cm) to full 2m x 2m rooms. The bigger your floor space is, the more lighting you will need.

For a standard "Percy Grow", a 4ft x 4ft ( 1.2m x 1.2m ) Grow tent is recommended. This is the perfect size to grow 4 decent sized cannabis plants. A starter kit of this size will cost around $300/ Β£250, but this setup will be low quality.

You can buy cheaper products for now, and upgrade as you go. Or, if your budget allows, you can buy high quality top of the range grow kits. But these will cost thousands.

There is nothing wrong with starting off with what you can afford, and upgrading as you go. Once you stop buying cannabis, you will be able to save a lot of money. You can use that to reinvest in your hobby.

Is it Dangerous to Grow Weed at Home

It would be wrong to say there are no risks. Even if you are lucky enough to grow legally, you still are at risk of people wanting to steal your grow. Cannabis is a lucrative crop, and it sells for a lot of money. If the wrong people find out about your grow, you could be in trouble.

There are 3 rules you should follow when you grow your own weed:

  • Don't Tell
  • Don't Sell
  • Cover the Smell

The rules are simple. Don't tell anyone about your grow, don't sell anything!! And make sure you cover the smell of the grow. You can read more on the three rules in this article.

Of course for many, growing cannabis for personal use is still illegal. This brings stress and paranoia. If you keep your grow small, and keep it to yourself, the you should not see any problems.

Some people will have concerns over the heat from the bulbs being seen by helicopters. This will happen to large scale grows. But as a Percy Growers, your setup will be too small to see. Also, another concern is the energy bills increasing. Again, your setup will be too small to give off any kind of signal. It could be anything, a hot tub, bitcoin miner, reptile tank, aquarium.

These are small concerns, as long as you follow the three rules, and keep your grow small, and personal. You should have no problems growing your own cannabis at home.

What Happens if you Get Caught Growing Weed

This will depend on what country you are growing in. Some places might just take your plants and give you a "slap on the wrist". Some places will send you to prison. But there is something to consider when you grow cannabis. Are you growing for personal use, or are you growing to sell?

Being a cannabis grower, and a drug dealer, are two completely different things. If you can prove, that you only grow enough cannabis for your own personal use, and you do not sell any, then you are more likely to find leniency. But again, if you follow the rules, you are very unlikely to be found out.

There are a lot of benefits to growing your own cannabis, compared to buying it from the unregulated market. One of which is it reduces the amount of money flowing into the black market.

There is of course risks that come with growing your own cannabis at home. But take precautions and keep it quiet, and the risks are very low, and infact can reduce risk to yourself in the long run.

Good Things About Growing Your Own Weed

One of the biggest things that makes growing weed worth it, is the fact that you know where your weed has come from. You know what strain it is, you know what it has been fed, you know if it has or hasn't been treated with pesticides.

There are many benefits to growing your own cannabis, and they far outweigh the risks you will take. Regardless of the stress it may bring, growing is something that is good for your mental health too. Having a project like this to work on can really keep your mind busy.

Know Where your Cannabis has Come From

When you buy cannabis, you don't really know how it was grown. was it grown using chemical nutrients that are high in heavy metals? Was it flushed properly before harvest? Maybe it had a case of bugs through the grow and was treated with pesticides.

Cannabis is often smoked, or used as medicine. Unfortunately, even in legal places the cannabis market is not very well regulated. To ensure you have quality, clean cannabis, you should grow your own. Choose a strain you want to grow, buy the seeds and grow it. We can help you each step of the way in our cannabis growers forum.

Choose Your Strain

Remember that old school strain you love? Or maybe you have your eye on a new strain you have heard of that world would love to try. There are seed banks all over the internet that ship world wide.

Check out or post on where to buy cannabis seeds:

You can only be sure of the strain you have, if you have grown it. Not only do you know what strain it is, but you also know it is quality genetics. Anytime you buy weed from the street, you will be told its "Gelato" or "Star Dawg". You can only really take the dealers word for it, at the end of the day, it could be anything.

No more Buying Weed

After your first harvest, you will realise how much money you have wasted by not growing your own sooner. Not only will you have plenty of cannabis to supply your self until the next harvest, but you will have a high quality weed too!

Even with the cost of the setup, and running costs, you will save money after your first harvest compared to buying weed. Just because of the money you save, asking is growing weed worth it is a simple question. Yes it is!

One of the most important points is safety! If cannabis is still illegal in your part of the world, you have to buy it from the unregulated market. This can be risky. You expose yourself to criminal activity and gangs. When you grow your own weed, you won't have to put yourself in dangerous situations, just to buy some.

Growing Top Quality Cannabis

With the help of the members in our weed growing forum, we can help you get from seed at to a quality harvest, no matter what your level of experience is. There is a big difference between home grown cannabis, and street weed. Even your first harvest will be better than most cannabis you buy.

When cannabis is grown illegally, at a commercial scale, the grower cares more about profit, than quality. Crops will be cut early, before the buds are mature. They plants will be dried quicker, to make money sooner.

These things are what makes a big difference to the quality of your cannabis. When you grow for yourself, you want your weed to be the best. Harvest when the plant is ripe, and dry the plant slowly. You will be able to take the time to grow the best weed you have ever smoked.

Bad Points to Growing Weed

Though growing your own can seem fun, with it does comes risks, and work. It is up to to decide whether the pro's, outweigh the cons. Can you handle the pressure? If you're growing illegally, can you deal with the stress everytime you hear a helicopter (that will pass with time)? Growing cannabis is great but it isn't perfect. Here are some things to think about before asking is growing weed worth it.

How Much Work is it to Grow Weed

Some types of growing will take daily maintenance, others can be left for a few days between visits. If your budget allows, you can get automated set ups that could essentially run for weeks without you having to do anything.

For many, growing your own weed is not just about supplying yourself with cannabis, but it is a hobby. So the work can be fun and enjoyable. But, in some cases it can get tiring. Some mediums like coco take daily watering, and if you have to do this by hand, it can become tiresome.

Growing in soil will take less work that hydroponics grow systems, but that can be a tasks sometimes too. After a long day at work, it can be hard sometimes to find the energy to water your plants.

You have to really enjoy it, or it can become a chore. If you haven't grown before, start with a small set up if you like. This will be cheaper. You can then try your hand at growing and see if its something you enjoy before investing in a bigger set up.

The Risks of Growing Weed

Regardless of whether you grow legally, or not, growing cannabis is a risk, and you need to ask yourself is growing weed worth it. This is why rule number one is so important! Nobody can find out about your grow. If the wrong people find out, they will rob you. You have to keep your grow to yourself, you can use online growers forums like ours to talk about your new hobby. Don't ever tell anyone in real life about it.

Of course, if you're growing somewhere where cultivation is still illegal, you risk trouble with authorities. You may even face prison time. It is crucial you follow the rules. There are far few risks when you do.

There are risks to both sides. Buy from an unregulated market and put yourself at risk to gangs, criminal activities, and unregulated cannabis. Grow your own, and you may be arrested, or robbed. But again, following the 3 rules will massively reduce the risks of you being found out.

Smelling Like Fresh Weed

When a cannabis plant is flowering, is smells! It will be noticeable to people if you have it on your clothes or skin. When tending to your plants, you shouldn't wear long sleeves, and any clothing that touches the plants should be washed before they are worn outside around people.

Smelling like strong weed can bring the wrong sort of attention in your direction. This might have been fine when you we just a smoker, but being a grower means you have to take these extra precautions to stay safe.

Do you think it's worth Growing your Own Weed?

Are you a grower? What do you think? Is growing weed worth it?

Maybe you are a new grower thinking about taking those first steps.

Let us know what you think is the comments below, and sign up to or cannabis growers forum if you want to talk more about growing.

Thanks for reading Percy Growers.

Much love Percy Growers, Happy Growing!

Posted : March 18, 2020 12:42 pm
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Awesome article as usual bro, nice work πŸ‘

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Posted : March 18, 2020 4:42 pm
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Thanks Mac. Revamping everything Smile Tidy this place up a bit lolΒ 

Please keep up to date with forum rules and posting guidelines to keep the forum tidy πŸ™‚
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Posted : March 18, 2020 5:43 pm
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Nice one πŸ‘

Posted : April 22, 2020 8:04 am
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Nice article!!!

Posted : August 7, 2021 10:26 pm
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This is really worth reading. Thanks again for this great article.Β 

Posted : March 25, 2022 12:12 pm
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Man fantastic write up and reference. Just like with anything, if you love it then it’s worth fighting through the negatives and absorbing all the knowledge along the way so over time it just gets better and betterΒ 

Posted : November 11, 2022 6:16 pm
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Nice work dude, nice simple, easy to read. Straight to the point aswell. You make me wanna write my own things now, you don't blah blah blah just to fill out. I like that!!!.Β 

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Posted : November 11, 2022 6:57 pm
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The short answer:Β  YES!

The reasons:

1) The plethora of local dispensaries sell weed that was not grown real well and most often is dried out.Β Β 

2) IF i find a strain i like, odds are that it wont be availabe in 6 months to a year and i'll have to go research which locally available strain might work for me all over again.

3)Β  Cannabis is extremely hugely expensive.Β  Organic oregano is $5 an ounce.Β  Cannabis $10 a gram.Β  One grow can pay for a nice grow tent setup and the electricity.Β  Ridiculous.

4)Β  It is legal here, so i dont need to worry about spending part of my life in prison.Β  Maybe not enough of a deterrant if illegal for some, but it certainly makes a yes much easier.

Dave the Grower

Posted : January 15, 2023 6:03 am
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It is a fantastic article mate very complete and informative.Β 

It is a shame that we have to be so secretive about a hobby, that brings medical, health and spiritual improvements in the grower.
It is a fact that UK law does not allow you to have anything. Hence why enphasysing the fact of having small grows can potentially is something goes wrong, mitigate the damage and impact done to your life.

If in fact the grower is doing it just for self consumption then having huge grow rooms is silly. you can have a perpetual sistematic grow taking just 1m2 of any room. having in mind that the most important factor is ventilation and proper elimination of the smell specially in flower phase.

1 grow with 1 single plant if that grow has has small dimentions for example 0.5m L X 0.5m W X1m H this will already give an area of 2.5m2
Notice that every seed will give you an approximate yield per m2, so from all that area you manage to occupy 1 square metter of area, with proper training is absolutely possible, you will harvest anywhere between 40gr to in some cases 70gr even close to 100gr sometimes, depending on strain and grow skills. This in a period of 5months max. If you use autos or fotos we can even reduce the grow lenght to 3 or 4 months obviously you wont get a huge yield but it is very well possible to get 30 to 50gr...Β 

So in a quick math setting, 40gr will give you roughtly 10gr per months until you have the next harvest. Ok some will require more than this monthly, then build two grow boxes? or increase the width to 1m and have two plants.Β 

with this space and with leds this is roughly how much will it cost you. Bearing in mind for the small grow box 200w its too much light.


Β so 25Β£ monthly run cost is accetable.

Is it worth to grow your own, well will depend on the person, I like to grow for many reasons, helps me relax when taking care of plant, helps me relax when vaping/smoking the bud, I like to experiment with different technics training/feeding etc. So all in all for me is a win win, since I can choose what I will have to smoke and I know exactly what is in it in terms of chemicals, because they will end up in y lungs so I am careful.

Cheers mate

Posted : June 2, 2024 12:29 pm
SuperCropper reacted
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