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Transplant made eas...
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Suggestions Transplant made easy.

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Hey fellow growers!

I have been thinking about adding this in just in case it can help anyone else!  It sure has made things alot easier for me.  

I started using these biodegradable nursery bags to start my plants in, they are a little bigger than solo cups so they give a good starting size.  But the best part is, when it's time to transplant, you can just plant the bag...    the roots grow right through it like it's not there!  

I usually cut a slit across the bottom before I plant it, but I don't even think that is necessary.    

Also, they are stupid cheap.  

Definitely makes transplants a breeze and prevents you from holding plant upside down and getting dirt all over her.  

Screenshot 20211219 142142 Amazon Shopping
20211219 140932
20211219 170713
20211219 170719

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Topic starter Posted : December 23, 2021 12:54 am
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Cool stuff man. I've not played with the bags but have used peat pots, paper fiber pots, and paper sleeves for seedlings. These days my go to is Jiffy pellets but whatever works for you is great. Thanks for sharing.

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Posted : December 23, 2021 2:01 pm
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