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Grow Diaries Bonsai Invitational by Im_Sparky

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Finally glad to jump in on this long awaited comp!  I might crash and burn, but hopefully will have some fun while doing it. And who knows, but this just might work. Please recall as stated in the rules, Admins and Mods can compete in this one because the final will be judged by a friend of the show/forum.

Here's my situation: I set up and coordinated this comp, but not long after we got the ball rolling, I had the unusual opportunity to be travel for an extended time. After thinking on it, I set up two small bonsai pots (photos with measurements will follow later, but I ran out of time), and made my own self-wicking pots to hopefully keep things irrigated.  It might not work, but I have to try.  The two tiny pots are set up on top of apx 4-gallon buckets with holes drilled in the lids, and the pots are filled with .5 EC Clone-X seedling solution. The seeds were sewn into jiffy peat plugs (2 seeds in each of the two tiny pots), and those are surrounded by tightly packed living soil (I want to keep the roots small so the plants stay small) and irrigated with plain water pH'd to 5.8. My hope is that they will germinated and sprout on their own, and use the plain water in the pots until the seedlings get some growth on them.  Hopefully, as the plain water is consumed and evaporated, the wicks will bring up .5 EC solution to feed them. Out of 4 seed planted, I hope to get at least two to live but I have never grown this way before and never done a bonsai.

I'm using AC Infinity controller to keep at 80F/27C and humidity around 78%. Circulation within the tent is constant oscillation at level 4.

pots with wicks jiffy plugs 01
pots with wicks jiffy plugs 02
pots with wicks jiffy plugs 03
pots with wicks jiffy plugs 04
pots with wicks jiffy plugs 06

Wish me luck -- I'm going to need it! Thanks for stopping by and looking. Cool  




Strain Name
Grow Space

Corner of a 4x4


ViparSpectra 5000

Grow Medium
Living soil in tiny pots
Breeder/ Seedbank
Seed Type
Seed / Cutting Planted on:

Small pot of living soil, wicking up .5 EC Clone-X Seedling solution

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Cool approach for your situation.  Looking forward to seeing how they turn out @im_sparky. Good vibes. 😎👍

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@im_sparky awsome work bro that wick thing is a cool ass idea this is going to be cool man 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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@im_sparky  love the ingenuity man, can't wait to see how it goes.


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