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[Closed] Starting a Grow Off Diary Guide

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Starting a diary is easy, you have all of the tools you need in the text box provided when you start a new thread. 

You can change text colour, alignment, size, make it your own, add pictures and links, there is no need to keep it standard. 

In our grow offs, there is a prize for the best grow diary. After all plants are finished, the diaries will go to a poll, and known members of the forum will vote for who they think ran the most impressive grow diary. Because of this, you want to put some extra effort into a grow off diary then your normal diaries. 

The more information you can include about your setup, and the plan for your grow the better. 

For example, let us know what size grow room or tent you are using. What lights you intended to use, and things like extraction. 

Also include the medium, and what nutrients you're going to use. 

The idea of these diaries are not only to showcase a specific strain in different grow setups, but also to provide new growers with step by step instruction on how to grow it. 

You can include links to the products you're using if you like. 

All grow off diaries should be started with a picture of the seeds and their original packaging.

Here is a template you can use to help give as much info as possible on the grow. Just copy it, paste it, and ill it in according to your own setup. 



Username, Strain, Medium, Lights eg:
Macky, Jack Herrer, in coco, LED

Starting your Diary:

Include a picture of the seeds in their originals packaging, and give as much info as possible on the grow:


Coco/ Soil/ Hydro ( go into more detail if possible eg, super soil, living soil, deep water culture, NFT)

Size of Grow Area and number of plants:

Example: 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2m Hydro Labs grow tent with four plants


HPS, LED, CMD, Include the brand if you can and what wattage you are using


Passive or active intake? What size extractor and filter? 

Pot Sizes:

What type of pots you're going to use in the grow. And what size for different stages. If you're growing in a hydroponics setup, explain which type of setup your using and what size reservoir. 


What foods are you going to use throughout the grow. Organics, salt based? Include the brands too, and if you have used these before or not. 

Other Equipment:

PH/ EC meter, air stones, fans. What extra additions do you have for your grow room. You want to be able to give the reader a good idea of how to set up their own grow. The more info you can provide the better it is for the reader. 

Plan for the grow:

Scrog, LST, Mainline, or just grow it out. Maybe topping? Be descriptive with your plan. For example:

I plant to veg for around 4-5 weeks, and train the plants into a screen of green. I will top at the third node, and when the screen is 70% filled I will flip to flower. 

Again, the more detail you can go into the better. The prizes for the best diary in a grow off is always big! The first post is always the most important one. Take your time, and get it looking good. It could be the deciding factor of who wins in the end. 

Good Luck with your grow off everyone! Thanks for taking part! 

Copy the text you need, and then click on the link below to be directed to the grow off section, then simply start a new thread. 

Grow Off Diaries Section 



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