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Dimmable Ballast issue  

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Hi All
Was reading an article about when to Dim/Not Dim a HPS Ballast, as part of wanting more info for Eve's heat /light stress (until I can get the Extractor set up,long story...). Had a look at my one, and it was set at 400w with a 250 bulb. So I adjusted it to match the 250w bulb, thinking it explained why Eve has had so many issues and the tent always so hot.
Cue-a few hours later, Eve has wilted all over and gone very dark green, many more purple stems too (but no other signs of phosphorous issues and she has always had some purple stems, just not so many as now). The tent and Eve were very I'm at a loss what to do, really. 
Should I change to the 400w bulb and 400w on the Ballast?
Any suggestions appreciated.  I'm not too well at the minute and finding it difficult to do anything but want to keep Eve going.



Eve 1


Posted : August 29, 2020 8:24 pm
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