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Thinking about flowering  

Percy Grower
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Hello everyone! 

I started growing my first grow with a few local seeds some died and some prevailed, they have been on veg for about 4 months now, thanks to LST and my scrog got some very nice bush like girls with lots of bud sites. Some 40 days ago I got some Bruce Banners that I started to grow now completely in coco, they are nice and healthy but still fairly small next to the other ones. I want to go to flowering as soon as I can get the new seeds big enough, as close as I can get them to their older sisters. I cant separate them since my grow room is fairly small, so they must all bloom at the same time.  Are there any tricks to help them tie up the bigger plants? I want to give them at least 20 more days for them to grow bigger. Any tips on how to manage the big girls during flowering? are they gonna need more nutes or such?


Thanks guys! 

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Ive had my fair share of big plants in flower. This is my current grow and they're close to.2m in height. 

Garden wire, sinkers, raid your lights. even buy some fishing wire trace with some weight rated crimps, also at a tackle Shop. Bend, tie down, bend and tie down some more. When the branches get too bud heavy use garden wire and tie to the roof.  Be careful of where you tie the plant away from bud sights and not too tightly. 

Best of luck, I'm sure you'll do well. 


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February 22, 2020