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Coming to the end.

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Hi all. 

Thought I'd start a new thread rather than continue the last one. 

The plants have been busy over past couple of weeks. 

20201129 094751
20201129 094748

As a few will prob know this is round about where I messed up last time so I'm looking for some advice as to make it as smooth as possible. 

I've cut out the Grow nutes completely and only use Bloom and some calmag too and I've been feeding them prob 2 litres phd water each every couple of days.

Some yellowing has started to occur past few days but I'm not sure if it's just cause I'm coming to the end or whether there is an issue. 

20201129 094710
20201129 094725
20201129 110234
20201129 094800

Other than the yellowing they are looking (and smelling) amazing but I'd appreciate others advice particularly with regards to checking the trichomes. I bought a 60x jewellers loupe the other week to check them but its rubbish. Tiny magnifying point so you cant see anything. That's what I get for buying on Wish! 


Posted : November 29, 2020 10:02 pm
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@new-at-this that's nothing, you should see the leather jocks I bought on Wish 😂😂

Time to grow old disgracefully.

Posted : November 29, 2020 10:19 pm
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