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Tutorials Homemade Colloidal Silver for feminised seed making

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It almost seems inevitable that a large portion of home growers will eventually want to dabble into seed making. Living in the US there is no guaranteed access to seeds when you live in states that are still illegal. To those ends I decided very early on to have a go at preserving some of the genetics I love. First issue was the silver solution, colloidal silver. The how to articles are everywhere but actually doing it with the stuff on hand was my mission today. I had already bought a foot of recycled silver from of all places, a seed company. It cost me $5usd delivered so it was cheap and will last me literally decades to use up the 30g of metal. Any source of pure silver will work. Other than that it was a small clean glass jar and a car battery charger. Online tutorials say to use three 9v batteries in series for 27 volts. I only had 13.8v from my car battery charger but that’s just fine.

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Cut 2 pieces of silver and bent them over the side of the jar. Positioned the ends to be about an inch apart. Filled the jar with distilled water and just 2 drops of normal saline to start the electrical flow. Clipped on the battery charger and fired it up.

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The negative lead produces bubbles and a cloudy trail of silver particles come off the positive wire. So far in 30 minutes the ppm is up to 7 and climbing. After several hours it will be ready to use either as a super antibacterial or to make feminised seeds. This is beyond easy, it’s an elementary school science project.

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LED Grow Light for cannabis, HLG lighting, Percys Grow Room Ad

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