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Me and my mate carnt work out why but the tap water was slightly cloudy (it looks clear in a smaller glass just a tiny bit cloudy in the 80 leter bucket, I noticed this yesterday just before mixing the b part of  nutes  in I think it because I fell and my hand entered the water for a few split secs I think) but thought I'd see how it looked after 24 hours and theres no change to the ph of the water or the ec of the solution to the way it looks and thought it d have got worse tbh ,theres no slime developing just a few froth type white bubbles left on the outside rim of the bucket which disappear with a mix(think caused by airstones??), and there is no smell at all i just smell the airstones and water lol, would you use it or chuck it ? I'm asking because I'd have expected the look smell to have got worse and the ph to have shot up if it was caused by bacteria or something ? So am unsure so please take a look and let us know what ya reckon,

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Posted : September 19, 2020 4:24 pm
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I wouldn’t worry about the cloudy appearance. I’ve lived in some places that this is normal. No idea what causes it without doing a laboratory analysis and it’s not worth it, but most probably some kind of calcium in solution. If it’s safe to drink and the EC isn’t off the scale you are good mate. Remember that I can water my plant with muddy water from a puddle and it wouldn’t harm the plant. Plants are very different from us and clarity of the water isn’t so important to plants.

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Posted : September 19, 2020 5:12 pm
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@monkeydo cheers man:) woke up fully prepared to go in and there to be a smell and coating lol so was surprised lol,if theres a hint of slimy rubbish or smell,but no ec and ph excatally the same as when I mixed Smile cheers man just wasnt too sure lol Smile


Posted : September 19, 2020 6:00 pm
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