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Weird growth pattern

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@woodi2 i didnt say it was the only reason. Its more propably from growing and storing conditions than from genetics. Atleast ive never seen a strain that does only that.


But as seeds go older the propability for that to happen grows until the seed is not viable anymore.

Good weed

Posted : May 28, 2023 10:21 pm
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Posted by: @woodi2

Triploid plants have three sets of chromosomes, and many desirable characteristics, including greater vigor; broad, thick, dark green leaves; and larger flowers or fruit, which result in higher yield or higher harvest index.

OK, @woodi2, that's interesting! Do people try to breed for that? Is it even doable? I have never seen Triploid Bubba Kush, but I'd like to!

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Posted : May 29, 2023 12:07 am
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Here is a 3 branched/polyploid/triploid plant I've got going on now that's on a clone. 

It is a clone taken from a mother grown from seed. No other plants in the run have this mutation and that's across 5 x mother plants all started from seed. I probably took 30 clones off 5 plants and this is the only one that shows this mutation. I'm really interested to see if it will keep this mutation or if it will grow out of it. 

Posted : May 29, 2023 12:47 am
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@matommy, I certainly don't know enough about this but changes at the chromosome level would be very difficult, if not, then the plant wouldn't continue it look this way if it was easily changed. lol  Now there is a very interesting 3 leafed Green Crack that someone has growing and it doesn't have three nodes but it only produces three leaves. Big beautiful very mature, thick plant but only produces three leaves. Would three leaves be better? I don't know man, some late night studying. lol 

But these plants that we grow have been messed with so much that I'm surprised their still green!! lol I'm not too surprised (but entertained) when these different traits come through. I'm going to sit back and enjoy the show no matter what's playing. lol Have fun that's the main thing. 

Posted : May 29, 2023 2:21 pm
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Wow I just find it so interesting when a plant has a mutation. And I can understand why breeders don’t want them. But I still grow them out anyway. 

Posted : May 29, 2023 2:55 pm
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Hi everybody. Just thought I'd have a little update on that weird one. It's fine the growth is coming alright from the sides, and even has a cute little baby node on where it's supposed to be haha.

PXL 20230530 180638071
PXL 20230530 180709180
PXL 20230530 180647073



The other one is the other one, training it up but it's going to be allo by the time it's ready I'd usually think of flipping in a week or two... I've went hard on the training because it will get out of control. Albeit she's had her DLI and is curling up for sleep at the moment

PXL 20230530 180622305
PXL 20230530 180612155


I was watching clarksons farm, and they were making a natural fence by training and weaving the bushes, if the fence weavers snap 80% of the living branch then the 20% is enough for survival. So there you are a nugget of old school knowledge from the fence builders.

Posted : May 30, 2023 7:28 pm
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