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New Growers First Harvest! Eeee

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Hi Percy Growers!

This is my first ever plant child Cindy. She has been my biggest and only success for my first grow.

She is an only child as of today as sadly her siblings have gone to seed. The only thing we knew of her DNA was absolutely nothing lol. She is an unknown strain/bag seed but has turned out an absolute beauty! 🀣

We germed a ridiculous amount of seeds to start incase they didn't germ but they all did so we gave some to friends (which all seeded sadly) and we kept some of the strongest lookers for ourselves! As the flowers started to appear they all started seeding sadly but this girl was always kept seperate and is 100% female! And my one saving grace; Cindy lol.

God knows how many days or weeks into the grow journey I am today I have totally lost count..but I'm down to one lady! I'm one happy plant parent! So excited to Harvest her! It will be my first time! Eee 😁

Anyone got any tips for someone who is approaching there first harvest and knows absolutely nothing πŸ₯΄ I really value all the feedback I get from the Percy grow room community.

When is the right time, how do you know?

Time to start researching harvesting! And how to look for/prevent bud rott? Any info you think maybe useful for a first time harvester please throw it my way.

Here's a before and after of her trim! Does anyone think I have over trimmed at all? πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ

20210318 150042
20210312 182340

And here's some more Cindy spam! I fear I may need to support some of her branches somehow soon and not really sure how to do so? The nugs could get heavy! (Here's to hoping) hehehe ☺

20210318 145311
20210318 145332
20210318 145348
20210318 145335
20210318 145130

TIA Percy Growers!
Happy growing too! 😁🌿✌

Posted : March 18, 2021 11:09 am
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She looks good to me. I remove alot of the larger fans right at the end. as far as telling when she is readyΒ  I use a jewelers loupeΒ  or a usb microscope both are cheapΒ  and allow me to see the trichomes, I personally go with 5 - 10% amberΒ  some like more amber its just a personal preference.

heres a good guide to help you understand what you want to look for


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Posted : March 18, 2021 12:24 pm
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