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High on Home Grown Grow Guide Suggestions

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Love the podcast guys. If I may offer a suggestion on the grow guides, maybe you could run series on outdoor growing in different climates. For example, in the desert with regular 100 F and above days, what techniques and strains do well. Down south where it is super-hot and humid. Go beyond how to grow in the emerald triangle where things just kick ass. When choosing outdoor seed's how important is latitude vs where strains originated. As you guys mostly do the indoor thing you might need to find guests who are experts in various outdoor climates. My tip of the day for outdoor desert growing is go with a good Afghan.  I picked it because the latitude for Afghanistan is close to the desert where I live, and it looks about like Afghanistan when you look outside. Was rewarded with big hashy beast's that stuck out their middle finger at the severe heat and just grew and grew. 



Posted : February 27, 2023 5:51 pm
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Beginners beware of you tube bro science. Experienced growers experiment as you like, but beginners should have a really good reason for removing healthy leaves.

I Don't know about you guys. I almost fell out with someone over what he was doing to his own plants, because of what I learnt in secondary school (high school). At the time I'd never heard of defoliation as a technique to increase yields. I'm still really dubious of what some you tubers are doing. I'm no expert and haven't done any controlled experiments on this matter, and doubt many have, but would love to understand more on this.    

Mother nature teaches us how little we know something every time we grow something.

Posted : February 27, 2023 6:37 pm
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