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Shout Out To GB

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Just got around to listening to the 'Edibles' podcast in it's entirety and wanted to give a shout out to GB.

His 'Famous Stoner section on Hildegard von Bingen was very interesting. I became aware of her when my son started writing a thesis on her sometime ago.

I think she probably piqued his interest primarily because she had somewhat controversial things to say about sex at the time. However I don't think I've heard him mention her penchant for Our Lady Mary Jane.

Obviously something I will now have great pleasure in pointing out to him.

Nice one GB πŸ‘

Time to grow old disgracefully.

Posted : February 3, 2021 9:56 am
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cool im glad you enjoyed it bro, i know she isnt ''famous'' per say, but cannabis has so much history i feel we need to know as much back story and champion all the people who preaches the benefits of cannabis, even if they didn't understand them completely in there time . We have lost so much Knowledge that were only starting to rediscover now, herbal medicine is not the wonder cure to all, its just an extra layer chain mail in yourΒ  Armour, thats how everyone should see it. mosses and his burning bush may make an appearance in the future Laughing Out Loud Razz


if you have any ideas for some historical stoners let me know Thumbs Up Β 

Posted : February 4, 2021 12:22 pm
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Hats off GB πŸ‘

It’s a great bit of the podcast .. I love being educated about such things, like inspirational peopleΒ 

And it never ceases to amaze me just how many known cannabis users there have been throughout history Β 

Time to pop some more beans πŸ˜—

Posted : February 4, 2021 12:44 pm
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Yer man you do a great job of it GB, and don't forget, its not about the stoner being famous,. its about a stoner you should know πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you will know the person in question, sometimes not. Either way you learn something Smile

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Posted : February 4, 2021 2:09 pm
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Posted by: @chillbert

And it never ceases to amaze me just how many known cannabis users there have been throughout history

And thats only the ones that have either recorded the fact or been open in their smoking...what about all the hidden ones !!!

Strangely enough, seem to emerging from the woodwork as legal runs riot across the planet (except the UK πŸ™ )

Posted : February 4, 2021 2:16 pm
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