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High on Home Grown Strain suggestions and vape

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Hi there legends, loving the show, I listened to all the episodes in about 6 weeks!!!

so a couple of quick questions. I’m in Queensland, Australia and growing outdoors . I’m looking for some strain ideas suitable for my climate. Growing Maui waui, Tutankhamen, og kush and purple haze at the moment. Also Mackay said that he was going to start vape after his tolerance break. What’s a good one ??

keep up the good work people ✌️ Thumbs Up  

Posted : December 12, 2021 2:16 pm
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@papa-smurf Hey there, Papa-Smurf!  There was a discussion about this earlier that turned into a thread.  Several people shared their personal experiences here:


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Posted : December 12, 2021 2:25 pm
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@papa-smurf hey mate, good to see another fellow Aussie on the forum! Plenty of strains lend themselves to our climate but sativas tend to do best outdoors and will generally yield very well, a nice hybrid is also an option. Don't get me wrong you can still run indicas without sue but sativas tend to enjoy our climate a little more. So go for things with a haze lineage or sativa dominant genetics and you will be one happy little Vegemite come harvest. With your higher humidity I would also suggest a strain with some natural mold resistance, that will help keep bud rot at bay. 

As for the vape, good choice to move over to the flavour side of town lol. I personally use a B&S Mighty and have a pax3 for times when I need to be ultra discrete. I have heard excellent reviews of the davinci 2 and the firefly, the market is kind of flooded at the moment with choice so you kind of have a large selection no matter your budget. I would suggest the mighty if you have the coin, the pax if you want ultra discreet (seriously it's like the iPhone of weed vapes) but don't forget that B&S also do the crafty+ which is a smaller version of the mighty and they also have a few tabletop options if you don't want portable. Checkout Australian or both are Australian stores and deliver Australia wide, they also are fairly competitive so you will find they regularly have sales running. If you are looking to get seeds your best bet is, I have had great success with them getting seeds in through customs, everything they have sent me has arrived and discreetly. There aren't many Aussie seedbanks left and the ones that are I wouldn't trust to not hand my details to the Feds, so probably best to steer clear of them if you can and order some quality genetics. 

Other than that good to have you here! Always good to see another Vegemite eating, drop bear hugging native on the forum. If you need anything give me a shout! 

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Posted : December 12, 2021 3:17 pm
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@bubblehok love my davinchi

pick it,pack it fire it up, hits from the Gong

Posted : December 12, 2021 6:16 pm
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I use a Pax 3 and a DynaVap M & Omni depending on my mood!  Love them both but they're very different.

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Posted : December 12, 2021 11:22 pm
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