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New member, new grower!

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Hey growers,

Wanted to post and say hello!


I started growing earlier this summer when a friend gifted me a clone and now I have a 3’x3’ tent full of sweet babies and my harvest of that first plant went well! It was shiskaberry and it’s on about week 3 of curing and it yielded about 10 grams dry weight. I did have a rookie question from my practice plant experience.


Does anyone have any suggestion on drying in a room with low relative humidity? Like, 35-40%? I suspect that the outside of my buds dried too quickly and now they have that hay smell, I’ve read that drying in a brown paper bag can slow it down, am I better off just biting the bullet and getting a humidifier?

Love Percy’s Grow Room so far and am excited to be able to share some of my plant’s adventures with you all! I’ll attach a photo of my current ladies.

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Left rear: glueberry photo

left middle: glueberry photo

left front: hindu kush clone

middle rear: strawberry cheese auto

Middle middle: romulan grape god clone

Middle front: strawberry cheese auto

Right rear: el alquimista auto

Right front: purple grizzly kush auto


Posted : September 8, 2020 1:04 am
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@sasketchywan welcome to Percy’s mate. It’s pretty easy to catch the grow bug once you see how simple it can be and you are hooked by the looks of that tent lol. Have a look around, drop by in chat, and don’t be afraid of asking questions if you have any. Unfortunately I can’t help with the curing and drying questions but we have growers here that can most probably answer that. No doubt they will be by soon.

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Posted : September 8, 2020 2:43 am
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Hey @sasketchywan, welcome! Some very interesting strains you have going there I have to say.. 😉 

Essentially, you just need to be able to maintain the 17/18C and 50-55% RH for the duration of the dry.. in a large room it's difficult just based on the large volume of space that your humidifier (in your case) would need to keep up with (unless your humidifier is fucking huge, lol). For small harvests, (<20g), I've used a jar with the lid slightly ajar, checking the RH every once in a while to make sure it's stable. The bud exudes moisture, and you basically use the lid as a titration to adjust the amount of air/moisture that can get in/out. It worked quite well actually. The brown paper bag seems like it would be the same idea - the paper would probably let the moisture dissipate slowly and evenly (in theory) allowing a proper dry. I suspect it would depend on the environment it's in though, as paper is pretty permeable. The plastic jar I used would be easier to control IMO as there is only one aperture for air to get in/out.

Purple GodBud drying

For bigger harvests though, it's useful to have a space dedicated to drying where you are able to really dial in the environment. I use my tent and Inkbird temperature and humidty controllers with my exhaust fan, humidifier and heater plugged into them. You set em for the temp/RH you want and bam. Works very well. But yeah, there really isn't an easy solution, unless you happen to live somewhere where it's already nicely humid and cool. But judging by your name, this is not the case.. 😎.

Caveman climate control
Drying setup
Posted : September 8, 2020 5:14 am
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Welcome to Percys man, make yourself at home Smile

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Posted : September 8, 2020 11:54 am
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Hi sasketchywan & welcome to Percys...loving the tent for a first time, nothing like a tent full Smile

Posted : September 8, 2020 1:51 pm
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