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New Grow Light for 3x3 tent -- Mars TSW2000 thoughts?

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Hey all, hope everyone is getting some nice sun like here today 😎

Seeing all the Percy's gardens has me inspired to go ahead and start planning to upgrade my lights.Β 

Thanks to @monkeydo who mentioned to me in the new members forum:Β 

Mars TSW2000 is built to cover a 3x3 area in bloom. So is the Spider Farmer SF2000, the Invisible Sun ISH265, and the HLG300L. All are very good lights for your tent. Around here Macky has one of the TSW2000 lights running, Green Beard is running an ISH265, and Ned is running a SF2000. I’m running both Mars Hydro and Spider Farmer lights. Just set up a head to head test on the two but we won’t know for several more weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more members speak up. Lights are a popular topic in grow rooms.

You had me looking and it seems to me like the Mars Hydro TSW2000 is the type of light I will end up to need for this space. Anyone have any feedback on the TSW2000 or comparable lights?Β 

Thanks for the thoughts 🀠 

Posted : June 26, 2020 3:46 pm
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