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Which is the best light ? (2 x 315W CMH Lamp Kit vs Hellion 750w DE for a 2m x .75m flower room)

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Want to buy a new light system next year, most the year it cool and a 700w light would be great in my flower room (some heat from the lights would be great) 

750w vs 315

315W CMH Lamp Kit

puts out 1.9 micromole (umol) per watt of electricity
hood to canopy needs to be 18" for best results.
Very high spectrum of light (could result in higher quality bud ), very popular light kit.
(bulbs will be available for years to come)

Covering a small canopy kind of tells me the penetration
of the lights is not going to be great.

covers a 2.5ft x 3ft canopy (best size canopy as far as I can see)

Each light kit cost £250 and extra bulb would cost £80

Two hoods would cover 6ft x 3ft.
Example of a grow diary with a simmer light kit.



Adjust-A-Wing Hellion 750w

The reflective is 95-97% effective so very little of the reflecting light is lost 
puts out 2.1 micromole (umol/j) per watt of electricity (very high) 24,000 hours lamp life

5 lamp height settings
5 reflector width settings
with a Super Spreaders and widest setting you could get the
hood 16" above the canopy and the penetration would be amazing.
Switchable between three different settings: 450w, 600w and 750w
would be great all year round.

The light spectrum is not as good as the CMH. 
light kit would cost about £400 and the extra bulbs cost about £75
kits going to be hard to get hold of and the bulbs might be hard to find in a few years.
Easily covers a 1.5m x 1m canopy.
Penetration will be really good 1m wide the under hood.

grow video 


both lights look amazing but I am leaning towards the Adjust-A-Wing Hellion 750w DE, what do you fellow think ?



Topic starter Posted : November 16, 2020 10:44 pm
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I have a 630w twin CHM...its an awesome light and the spectrum is so far unbeaten...only issue is temps in the summer, Ive had 43° C at one point...other than that I love it, produces beautiful buds and the plants love it...I keep my plants around 4ft max and light penetration can be an issue lower down but not an issue after I trim them when flipped

I am considering an LED for the summer grows but it wants to be a decent one and have coverage for a 1.5m2 tent in flower...


Posted : November 16, 2020 10:55 pm
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Thanks @zn 

I did look at the 630w twin CHM but I just don't think its going to be any good for my flower space 2m x 0.75m

not don't sure the hood would even fit.

Temps can be a really problem with hid (43c is very hot), but my night never go over 20c (summer, outside) and I like a lot of airflow, helps to keep the Oder in the flower room.

currently running 2 x600w hps and my temps have hit 33c (max so far).

Hope you find some good LEDS.



Topic starter Posted : November 16, 2020 11:13 pm

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