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3rd grow ever

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  1. So I posted in new comers last week or so. I have one plant in my room closet. She is a seed I got from a friend. Dont know any details on the seed. I was looking for any advice to help determine any info on strain or sativa,indica, or hybrid. I will post picture of her. She is doing great so far. She been in the closet a total of just about six week. Saturday will be six weeks. She was in flower for 4 week transition at for week been under 12/12 for 2 full weeks saturday. She is under 600w led and 5 60w cfl (soft white for flower) for extra light.she is in a 5 gal pot. With some organic soil I pickup from local hardware store. Been using general organics go box nutrients. Following their feeding scheldual. She seems to be okay with the food so far but I have notice she is wanting to drink more now that she is flowering so might have to start feeding twice a week. My grow space is about 20in by 38in height is varying as she gets taller. My led is about 25in from my canopy. The recommended height for that led. And the cfl are about 5 inchesΒ  from my canopy. My room stays in between 70 and 80 degrees farenheit. Humidity is in between 39%-45%. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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Posted : June 26, 2020 12:21 am
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looking good mate! Nothing to add really.Β 

You can tell my the leaves sometimes, sativa have thin blades, indica have thick ones. its definelty a indica dominate strain by the look of it. Short too so might be full indica.Β 

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Posted : June 26, 2020 12:33 am
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Good looking plant. I am new too, so I have no tips for you. Sorry. Do you have a plan for masking the smell when it gets into bloom?

Posted : June 26, 2020 5:33 am
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