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@Macky et all mods & members

Sorry about the rant.

Them drugs the hospital gave me I realised are making me speed my nuts off to boot.

Going by previous it will take a day or two till my head starts cleaning up.

Oh yeah to add insult to injury the doctor can no longer write new prescriptions for gaviscon when I quizzed her as I used to be able she said they can’t give prescription for loads inc paracetamol some anti inflammatorys codine ect ect basically if you can buy it you now have to as the law now been restricted and doctors can no longer prescribe certain meds. 


anyways sorry about the multi posts I’ll try harder if I guess messed up again on legal meds to real it in.

^ wow marijuana is illegal this alone makes that law look like a ass

laugh or cry

Topic starter Posted : July 23, 2021 1:34 am
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Glad to hear your on the mend mate, Shit go with the nhs, I'm sure plenty of people are feeling the frustration of the downfall. We have medicare here in aus but you still have to pay for a doctors visit as the ones that bulk bill are always packed and take weeks to get in. Those prescription meds can send you down a loopy rabbit hole that's for sure, luckily for me I realized cannabis worked much better overall for my conditions and managed to get a script from my doctor for dried flower and oils, it cost an arm and a leg to get but I will buy one or two every now and then to keep my scripts active and just use my home grown as its much better quality than what our government class as "medicinal" here. It took forever to convince my doc to write me a script though, and then the eyewatering price tag made me realize they are only allowing it so they can build massive farms paid for by big pharma and then export the product rather than reducing the cost to Australian patients. It boils my blood to know people are out there suffering and have to pay upwards of $2000 per month to access Medicinal Cannabis that is at best second rate mids. Add to that the fact that patients have to wait months for their scripts to be filled only to get containers of flower that have been on a shelf for 6 months and are full of mold.... its been a nightmare for patients here, especially the ones that want to get off opiates and benzos etc that just cant afford to pay those prices to access legal cannabis so they go back to the cheap pharma meds that they don't want but cant afford to get off. The current gov doesn't care about average people, they have legalized cannabis for recreational and home grow in the capital but every other state gets medicinal only and then is faced with massive costs and the inability to drive without the prospect of losing their license as there is no legal defense in any state other than Tasmania(this was a recent development) for driving with cannabis in your system, not impairment just presence and the test sensitivity is as low as 5 nanograms.... The winds of change are blowing but the government is fighting tooth and nail to sail against it and has no answer as to why when questioned.... 

I feel like a, like a slice of butter... melting on top of a big-ol' pile of flapjacks... yeah.

Posted : July 23, 2021 1:59 am
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