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Questions HELP. UK humidity at 65% coco/perlite

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Hi guys 

Got my 1mx1m 4 plants in 11l pots in Coco perlite, 2 oscillating fans and exhaust running 24/7 .

My humidity is sitting around 60-65 lights on and 60-70 lights off. Week 1 flower. So paranoid about mold. 


Spoke to macky and he recommended I made a thread. Pictures can be posted if need be. 

I'm worried if humidity is where ut is now . Surely will be higher once full of more leaf and buds ? 


Help me please guys. 



Any advice as to how to lower humidity more ( i have dehumidifier but expensive to run and creates alot of heat as tent in small room ) or any calming words to reassure me that rot wont hit 😂🤣

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Posted by: @smokeazut

Week 1 flower.

nothing really to worry about so early into flower mate, about week 5-6 is when you need to start worrying about mould and bud rot so you got ages yet 😉 This time of year is a bitch for mould, but youre ages away from having to be really concerned. Plus 65 isnt massively high, if it starts to go into 70 then start to get worries, but really, you should be fine mate and it should be plain sailing for the next few weeks for you Smile

Welcome to Percys man, great to have you here mate 

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@macky cheers Macky. Would you be concerned if it was still up there come week 6,7,8 ? 

I think I may try your suggestion too of maybe watering every 2 days . 


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