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Off Topic Trust the bbc

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As always the bbc finds ways to down put weed showing only the bad.

They even ran a black & white advert saying “ wherever a marijuana butt is thrown plants grow up from the seeds & if left unchecked turns into a plantation “

ok so 60s weed mabye had seeds and it’s slightly possible that the seed survived however one plant turn into a plantation is misleading unless it’s a hermie  there so unfactul it’s no longer funny.


if am going to say I don’t agree or such I would check my facts it makes you cringe when you watch some tv shows calling a small tent a weed farm is the latest backwards info some really do believe.

^ that’s factual that some believe a home grower growing for herself/himself is running a cannabis farm.

the uk has to really challenge education let alone anything else and that hill is unsurmountable.

*in school my child was taught that weed is evil still to this day that’s school for you 

if we can’t educate properly we are in a state that won’t change not in your lifetime.

the bbc is believed by a lotta folk as whatever they say is true. 

I honestly believe that the uk has many many miles to go as far as cannabis goes you got cdb oil that’s all your going to get while the big old bbc is run by …fools 

Posted : February 12, 2022 10:46 pm
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