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Legal grower from Missouri

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Posted by: @stoney

Will be getting my cultivation permit at the end of the month. Will be starting my first grow right after. I'm a good friend of Twisted1 and he recommended me to this site. I'm looking forward to learning to grow. Going to start out in soil then possibly move to hydro.

Good to meet you my bud. You'll find for the most part all the veteran growers are really good about helping those wet behind the ears like myself out when it comes to knowledge. I've been smoking since 1991. This is my first attempt at a grow.  I update my pics on Mondays.


Posted : December 14, 2019 7:07 pm
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Hey mate, yeah I tthink that you are right to teach your kids the correct knowledge on anything especially with weed an not because I'm jus a stoner but with all drugs and alcohol. my mother done the same with me when she felt i was of an age to understand properly what was being explained to me she told me the good the bad the truths the propaganda and let me decide for myself what I thought on it I feel like i will do the same soon with my oldest boys they are 10 and 11 but very smart an ahead of there peers common sense wise especially due to me growing aswell they need to understand what it is how it helps an what people think of it all opinions then they can decide for themselves. Have faith in kids man they understand everything there not as stupid as people think not nowadays anyways little fkrs ar too smart sometimes lmfao hope this helps with your concerns ?

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Posted : December 15, 2019 12:40 am
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Interested topic so excuse me if I’m a few days late joining the discussion. I remember my dad introducing us to alcoholic beverages at a young age. No, we didn’t drink it but it was never hidden or a taboo topic. We knew what it did, who was allowed to have it, were allowed as many questions as we wanted to ask, and even allowed to dip a finger and taste on occasion (didn’t like it). In the end we really didn’t care about it as kids so I guess it worked. I was the same way with my kids and cannabis, except for the tasting as it wasn’t appropriate. I tried to never dodge a question. That being said I didn’t add ridiculously detailed info they didn’t ask in the question either, just answer the questions. They are adults now and neither of them chooses to use any form of cannabis so far, their choice. I believe that letting the genie out of the bottle and being honest with your kids is the best approach for my family. Some topics like sex and drugs can be scary topics for a parent to tackle but my kids really appreciated  honesty, and in this day and age they will eventually find out if you are dishonest with them. The world is changing so parenting should adapt as we see the need. So much propaganda has been spread to try to control a plant that can certainly be a miracle to so many people. Knowledge is power so let’s empower the next generation. 

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Posted : December 20, 2019 3:53 am
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100% should be educated early as this world is a shit hole...they need to know what's what. I have also never hidden stuff from mine and answered every and all questions regardless of ex would tell me they don't need to know that but I think forewarned is a great way to go...they can make their own informed decisions based on what they know

If they don't can they do that ??

Posted : December 20, 2019 9:23 am
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